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Brand New! Special Seasonal Workshops

Alongside our business shake up that we talked about last time, we’ve also decided it was time to hit refresh on our workshop schedule! We want to offer classes on a seasonal basis, allowing us to teach the things we’re most excited about for the 3 months ahead. Here’s everything you need to know about our wonderful choice of 7 new workshops – click on each one individually to check out the dates and times available:

Learn Embroidery with Zenbroidery

We picked up these kits (very over excitedly, as usual) at our trade show in Birmingham.

In essence, this is ‘colouring in with thread’ – we have 6 beautiful designs printed on to plain white fabric, which you can then embellish in any way and frame up as they are or then make into something awesome. In this workshop, we’ll be adorning these with a whole host of hand embroidery stitches that you’ll learn along the way. Once you’ve given it a go, I think hand embroidery is one of the most rewarding and relaxing types of craft – just imagine having this in your home, ready to pick up and stitch into every time you need a moment of peace.

Learn to Make Earrings

Earring making is one of the most gratifying types of jewellery making – there’s huge variety in what you can make with just a few beads and the basic skill set!


Although this class will cover everything you know to make all sorts of earring designs, we’re really excited to show you how to make dangly chain & star charm earrings with one of our favourite new metal charms. We’ll cover all sorts of techniques, and get you used to working with all 3 types of jewellery plier. This workshop will be totally suitable for everyone, from beginners to professionals looking for a bit of new design inspiration.

Create and Sew with Felt

This class will give you a chance to come in a play with one of our favourite pieces of equipment: our Sizzix Big Shot.


Come and have a go with our great selection of dies (tools for cutting shapes out of felt easily) – we’ve got everything from owls to ice cream to hearts & stars. What happens next is then up to you! We’ll have all sorts of ideas and inspiration to throw at you, and all the craft equipment you need to make it happen. You could potentially make a beautiful mobile, a heart garland, a hand embellished camera shaped plushie – there’s tons of choice when it comes to felt. This class is ideal for stretching your imagination and spending a couple of hours seeing what you can come up with with this ever versatile craft material.

Make a Knotty Bracelet

We’re often being asked for hints and tips when it comes to macrame in the shop, and so this class is a great  chance to brush up on your knowledge of knotting techniques.


We’ll be teaching one of our favourite designs, a bracelet made from knotting and beads and a button clasp. There will also be the chance to learn how to make an ever useful sliding knot fastening, as seen on our knotty bracelet kits. The great thing about this workshop is that knotting is one of the trickiest things to learn without having somebody show you, so a couple of hours spent being taught it in person will do the world of good for your at home ventures!

Small Beads, Tassels & Charms: Make a Necklace and Bracelet

I really don’t think it’s any shock at this point to tell you that we love tiny tassels…it’s all I can do to avoid making every single social media post about them.


We’re allowing ourselves time to celebrate that love in this class – a session of making with pretty seed beads, awesome charms and yes: tiny tassels. YAY. You’ll go home with a necklace and a bracelet, and all the skills you need to make a million more of these to give to loved ones. Expect extreme enthusiasm and awesome jewellery creations.

Paper Piecing Patchwork

I wrote a blog post recently about my ventures into patchwork, in particular the traditional technique of paper piecing.


I enjoyed learning about it so much that we thought it seemed like a wonderful idea for a workshop – the kind of skill that can bring you hours and hours of sewing happiness. We’ll go through everything you need to know, from cutting out your shapes to hand sewing to how to piece them together, through to ideas of what to make with your piece once you’re finished with it. Imagine making a quilt made up of all your favourite, most special fabrics…dreamy.

Sew a Mini Purse

In this workshop we’ll be making a mini purse, covering all sorts of basic sewing techniques that will get you on your feet with crafting.


You’ll be able to choose from a beautiful selection of fabrics, and enjoy learning a project that’ll make a perfect gift for birthday’s & Christmas and all in between. This class will as always, be entirely suitable for sewing beginners, but will also provide enjoyment to those more experienced crafters with the urge to learn a new project!

All of these workshops are £25 per person, and we need to you book in advance with a £10 deposit so we can secure your place. If you fancy giving any of these a go, you can book via the website, over the phone on 01392 437377 or in the shop. The cost covers absolutely all of your materials, and the obviously necessary tea and biscuit based refreshments.

As well as these seasonal specials, you’ll still be able to book any of our standard classes on a bespoke basis – that includes Beginner’s Jewellery Making, Finishing Techniques, Button Jewellery, Wirework, DIY Skirt Making, Cushion Cover Sewing…amongst others! Just choose a date and time, who you want to bring with you (no one is absolutely fine too!) and give us a ring or an email to see if we can teach you at that time. Easy.