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Bunyip Craft: the next adventure

Bunyip Craft will close it’s current bricks and mortar shop door for the last time on Sunday 23rd September.

It’s also the day of the fabulous Fore Street Flea so we want to have a really lovely day of celebration for the whole street. The response to our closure announcement has been overwhelming, and lovely, but always tinged with sadness for our customers and ourselves. It’s been tough. I’m not going to deny that writing this is hard.

The hunt for new premises has been thorough, nothing has magically appeared, as I think maybe I’d hoped. We’ve looked everywhere, but nothing has been available that is the right size, location and price for us. When you have to sign a long lease, the shop space has to be right for that commitment to be made.

Having said all that, there is brightness on the horizon. I’m working on a project that if it comes to fruition will be incredibly exciting for the whole creative community in Exeter. It’s had a great response from the people I’m working with already and we just have to all cross our fingers that it comes together. You will be the first to know if and when it happens…

In the meantime, Bunyip will be going into an office space. I might have a bit of a break, after 16 years in retail, I think I deserve it!

We will be working hard to make our wonderful website the best it can be, along with updating our Etsy shop, MadebyBunyip. New photos, descriptions and products coming soon!

We’re looking forward to having some time to reinvent our creativity, I can’t wait to get making again and to have the time and space to design, create and experiment. Something I’ve really struggled to do while running a shop on a shoestring staff level. We’ve had lots of lovely offers of space for our workshops, from other shops, cafes and pubs, so we’ll be working on a new selection of workshops soon.  Our craft nights in the pub are a definite goer, with a wonderful independent pub keen to host, water and feed us, we can’t wait to get working on them. We’re going to be at the Cathedral Christmas Market from 15-23 November and 10-16 December, come and find us in front of the Cathedral. We’ve been accepted for the Etsy Made Local Exeter fair on Saturday 1st December at the Phoenix too. So we’re not going to disappear, far from it, I’m really hoping that all the ideas I haven’t been able to work on can grow and become the seeds of a new beginning for us. Retail is changing massively, so maybe this is just the beginning of the new face of retail, rather than an ending.

We have lots of amazing bargains in the MEGA SALE that’s started already, pop in for super deals and low prices on lots of stock. We really appreciate every purchase, online and in the shop while you can, each sale means we can carry on running Bunyip for a bit longer and carry on bringing you all your favourite crafty goodies!

Sign up for our newsletter on the home page, and like us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram to stay in touch with our progress, we’ll be very keen to tell you all about it.

Thank you for all your support, encouragement and kindness over the past 16 years; Bunyip is a fundamental part of who I am and it’s the customers who have made it the friendly, inclusive and happy business that it is.