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  • Bells


    These little bells might just be the most cheerful things we’ve come across in a long time. And they make everything a lot more fun – especially at Christmas time.

    The bells come in lots of different sizes and colours, and are adorable no matter if you go monochrome or mix and match. String them up and hang them on your Christmas tree, add one or many to a bracelet or necklace, tie a tiny bell to the zip on a bag – the possibilities are endless. Ding ding!

  • Arrowhead Pendant
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    We can’t get enough of these! Arrowhead pendants, in beautiful silver or gold colours.

    These look fantastic strung on a chain, or lots looped together to make a necklace. They have a hole in each corner, so you can use jump rings to link lots of them in a line.

    They measure approx 16mm x19mm, with the holes measuring 0.5mm.

  • Long Metal S Tube

    S shaped metal spacer beads in a choice of metal finishes. These tubes work perfectly as spacers, and they interesting shape creates a really statement shape.

    They measure 30mm along and and you can fit a 1mm thread through.

  • Made With Love Charm

    `Made with Love’ metal charm.

    These charms are endlessly popular in the shop, since they’re so perfect for adding to your own hand made jewellery! Available in a gold or silver colour, they measure 10mm across, 18mm down, and have a 1.5mm hole.

  • Short Metal S Tube

    These short metal S tubes look great between round beads!

    They measure 20mm long and you can fit a 0.5mm thread through.