Buying Fabric

We sell our fabric by the square quarter piece, often called a Fat Quarter (as opposed to a long quarter which is a 25cm long thin strip), as this is the most useful shape of fabric for smaller projects and quilting. If you think of a metre of fabric cut into 4 quarters across the middle it makes more sense. The size of the quarter square depends on the size of the bolt of fabric, most of ours are 110cm so a fat quarter comes out as 50x55cm.

We sell our fabric this way as it’s easier for you to work out how much your size of fabric will cost, we hope, as it’s just a case of multiplying the price by how many you want.

If you order a multiple, your fabric will come as one continuous piece, so order 2 and you’ll get a 1/2 metre piece, order 3 and you’ll get a 75cm piece etc.

Please get in touch if you’d like anymore explanation or to buy the fabric is another way, we’re always happy to chat!