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Meet the Local Maker: The Beachcomber Devon

I’ve been dabbling with the idea of guest blogs for a while now, and haven’t been sure who to approach/how to approach them. Eventually, I thought the simplest route to go down would be to talk to those local people I follow on instagram/social media and have met in the shop, and really admire the work of, and hope that you’ll enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoy selling them beautiful materials to make things with!

One of my favourite instagram friends is The Beachcomber Devon, run by local lady Bobbie. Will anyone be surprised to learn that she uses a lot of tassels in her work? I have no shame in my very predictable tassel enthusiasm at this point. I love her colour combinations, and her designs and pieces are so trend led and really inspire me to get making too. She was therefore the first person I approached for a quick blog interview, which you’ll find below. Enjoy!

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How long have you been making jewellery for?

Now that’s a tricky one as I’ve always collected buttons and beads and attempted to make things, however The Beachcomber Devon was only started in October 2015. For years I collected shells and sea glass but never really had the time to do anything with it. Since moving to Devon I have found the time to focus on jewellery making, something I’ve always wanted to do.

What are you inspired by? 

I’m hugely inspired by nature and the beautiful beaches we have right on our doorsteps, but always try to keep in mind the latest trends and fashions. Other designer makers have inspired me to believe in my handmade jewellery and push to design, make and sell to the the local community.

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What advice can you give to people working with sea glass?

Be gentle and have patience, you can’t rush drilling glass!

Do you dabble in any other crafts?

I always have and always will, I love learning new skills! Other than jewellery making, I love making greeting cards and scrapbooking too. 


What’s your favourite piece of jewellery you’ve made?

Again, a tricky one! I try to make pieces that I know other people will like, but that I also like too. There are a lot of people out there working with sea glass, therefore I am trying to bring something unique and vibrant to the scene – gotta love a vibrant mini tassel!

What’ve you learnt since you started selling your jewellery?

Be patient, it’s a tough old world out there but the sales will come! At first it takes a while to get things moving but once they do, you soon realise you’re trying to juggle a full time job as well as a small creative business. If there is anyone out there questioning whether they’ve got the right item to sell, just try it! The Etsy community have been a huge support with improving my online store and sales. 

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Check out Bobbie’s beautiful Etsy shop by clicking here, and have a look at her wonderful instagram by clicking here!

If you’d like to feature as an inspiring local maker, don’t be afraid to send me an email on

Happy Weekend!