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Our Day of Quilting

We were really excited to have Dave in our shop last week to finish off his amazing quilt that he was making for a friend. Quilt-making is a new skill for us but we worked through it together and as you can see, the results are excellent (particularly as it was Dave’s first sewing project).
We had to start by putting the layers of the quilt together with some of our quilt wadding in the middle. As we didn’t have a walking foot for our machine, we decided to use some of our spray glue (£10 in the shop). This turned out to be a godsend as it stopped everything from slipping and turning into a big mess!

Now, we watched A LOT of Youtube videos to get an idea of the best way to attach all the pieces. In the end, we went a bit rogue and used the bottom piece of the quilt to create the edge. We were lucky that Dave had decided to use a flag which was bigger than his sewn quilt pieces so we could just fold it over.

And then for the sewing… we had some real issues with the first machine we used because of the thickness of all of the material. After some (mild) frustration, we switched machines and we were on a roll. We’d got almost all of the way around the quilt without any problems when we noticed it had slipped a little at the end. We were able to adjust our stitching and all was ok but if we were to do it again, we’d be a little bit more liberal with the glue to eliminate the problem.

There was a huge sigh of relief after we’d finished and we could step back and admire Dave’s work!