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Pattern Drafting and Skirt Making!

We always love a new sewing challenge so we were very excited to try our hand at pattern drafting. Even though there is a bit of maths… I was able to cope with the help of a calculator and some more maths savvy members of staff…

So we wanted to see how long it would take us to draft a pattern and then make and complete the skirt (as we are running a class on 29th June). It turns out we can do it in a day while also serving customers!

I’ve had a bit of practise making this particular skirt before, so this time it was Lily’s turn. We started by taking her measurements so that we could make the skirt to her exact size. Making your own pattern is a great way to get the perfect fit because, lets face it, nobody ever fits perfectly into the standard shop bought patterns! We then used these measurements to draw the width of the front and back pieces and to place the darts correctly. 

Once we’d got our pattern we had to choose our fabric; It was a tough choice but we settled for this grey, flowery design. We cut out the pattern and got ready to do the fun part, sewing!

The sewing part of this project is fairly easy; it’s just the darts, sides, hem and zip. We took our time though to make sure it was just right. 

So this was the finished product!