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  • Plastic Buttons


    These plastic buttons are really versatile and come in a range of different colours and 3 different sizes.

  • Sally Nightmare Before Christmas Button


    Do you like your Christmas movies a bit nightmarish? This Sally button is 45mm tall and 15mm wide.

  • Great Wave off Kanagawa Button


    We love this button with the Great Wave off Kanagawa designed on it. It comes in 2 sizes; the large is 28mm and the medium is 23mm.

  • Plastic Woven Buttons


    These plastic, shanked buttons measure 3cm wide and have a woven effect.

  • Diamante Button


    These gorgeous diamante buttons will bring a touch of glamour to any outfit. Measuring 26mm you get a good amount of sparkle for your money!

  • Plastic Nautical Buttons


    These nautical themed plastic buttons come in three different sizes; the large is 32mm, the medium is 25mm and the small is 15mm.

  • Ladybird Wooden Buttons


    How cute are these buttons! They are perfect for children’s cardigans and outfits.

    Each wooden button is 28mm x 15mm and sold individually.

  • Little Spotty Button


    How sweet are these little spotty buttons? These are endlessly popular in the shop for adorning cardigans for babies because of the lovely big selection of colours. We use them in our spotty button bracelet design too! They are plain on the other side of the spots, so could be used that way round too.

    They measure approximately 13mm across, made from plastic and have 2 holes.

  • 4 Hole Shiny Plastic Button with ridge edge


    Are you looking for ‘just a simple button’? Or something lovely to brighten up your day? Look no further! This four-hole button comes in all the colours of the rainbow and goes from teeny tiny to pretty much ginormous. They have a lovely thickness to them that means they’ll stay done up and hold their colour really well!

    These buttons go with absolutely everything from baby cardigans and warm winter coats to crafty wall clocks and button necklaces. They are tough cookies too, and will survive a ride in the washing machine just fine.

  • Back to Back Button Necklace Kit

    Sale! £7.00 £5.00

    Back to Back Button Necklace Kit.

    This necklace is about 45cm long but it can be made shorter. Because we use a button as a clasp, no tools are needed to make this lovely piece. You could even add some of your own heirloom buttons to make it really special.

    Each of our kits is individually packed, and so you may find some colour varation compared to what is shown in the photos. We think this makes them even more special!

  • Button Dangles Necklace Kit

    Sale! £6.00 £5.00

    This kit has everything needed to make this lovely necklace. You could even add some of your own heirloom buttons to make it really special. The necklace is about 45cm long but you can make it longer or shorter, depending on your unique design.

    Everything you need to make this necklace is in the kit including the clasp. You will need a pair of flat nose pliers to finish the clasp.

  • Spotty Star & Heart Button


    These lovely 2 hole, spotty stars and hearts look so sweet on a cardigan! Available in lots of colours colours and 2 shapes. The Star buttons measure 19mm at their widest point. The Heart Buttons are 14mm at their widest point in both directions! These buttons are made from plastic.

Showing 13–24 of 30 results