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  • Spotty Star & Heart Button


    These lovely 2 hole, spotty stars and hearts look so sweet on a cardigan! Available in lots of colours colours and 2 shapes. The Star buttons measure 19mm at their widest point. The Heart Buttons are 14mm at their widest point in both directions! These buttons are made from plastic.

  • Metal Wheel Buttons

    Metal Wheel Buttons


    Metal wheel buttons.

    I brought these buttons because of their versatility, they are as fabulous made up into jewellery as they are as buttons. Our Steampunky customers love them and I am very pleased with my new earrings that used the smallest size as a base to hang little beads from. They come in Antique Silver or Brass and in 5 sizes; 12, 15, 21, 26 & 34mm.

  • Button Necklace Kit

    Sale! £6.50 £5.00

    Button necklace kit.

    We get asked almost every day how we make our best-selling button necklaces, so we thought it was time to turn them into a kit! This necklace is about 50cm long but it can be made shorter. Because we use a button as a clasp, no tools are needed to make this lovely piece. You could even add some of your own heirloom buttons to make it really special.

  • Button & Donut Necklace Kit


    Kit to make your own button and bead necklace.

    Everything you need to make this eye catching necklace.

    This necklace looks great long or as a chunky piece when worn doubled up.  I love the buttons being included for a bit of funky! You can buy the made up piece in our Handmade Jewellery section too.

  • Natural Square Carved Flower Button

    Natural Square Carved Flower Button


    Carved button with flower design.

    Natural bone button with a flower pattern carved into it. These are very pretty, we saw this flower pattern all over India, especailly in the walls of the sandstone forts. Size 17mm square.

  • Natural Carved Square Button

    Natural Carved Square Button

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    Carved square button.

    Natural large bone button with a square grid pattern in brown.  I love these buttons, they are so beautiful and they have a ‘chunk’ to them though they’re not heavy. Size 25mm square.

  • Natural Carved Round Button

    Natural Carved Round Button


    Gorgeous carved button.

    Natural Bone Button with carved brown pattern. Lovely button and washes well, perfect for adding into your button necklaces or strung up with some other bone beads. 

    Size 17mm round.

Showing 25–31 of 31 results