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  • Easter Bunnies Ribbon


    This bright fun bunnies ribbon is perfect for your Easter crafting.

    It is 16mm, made from polyester so 100% vegan, and the price is per metre.

    If you buy multiples, the ribbon will come as one continuous piece.

  • Iron on Rainbow


    This beautiful Iron On Rainbow is the perfect addition to any denim jacket, school bag or pair of jeans.

    The trick to keeping an iron on patch on, is to iron it on both sides, just cover the embroidered side with a damp cloth so you don’t burn it with the hot iron.

  • Kids Craft Kit


    This is everything we can think of for kids to get crafting!

    Fabric, felt, large hole aida (for cross-stitch), felt shapes, buttons, iron-on patches, little pegs, ribbon, sequins, thread, needles, pins, kid friendly scissors and something extra special… which will change for every kit! This kit will come in one of our Bunyip boxes if you click & collect or have local delivery via Co-delivery and will come in a cloth bag if it is posted further afield.

    It’s small quantities of everything so kids can have a real play and see what takes their fancy, and hopefully come and get crafting with us in the future!

  • Bright Butterflies fabric


    This fabric is 100% cotton and 110cm wide.

    We sell our fabric by the quarter square, which is approximately 50x55cm, multiples are sent as one continuous piece. For example if you’d like a metre, order 4.

  • Bunyip Craft Gift Voucher


    Who doesn’t love a crafty gift voucher!

    We have gift vouchers for the shop, which will be hand written and posted to you, or you can pick them up from the shop. Shop vouchers have no use by date.
    We have gift vouchers for the website, which take the form of a code that will be emailed to you so has no postage cost attached. Website vouchers have a use by date of 2 years after purchase date.

    The shop vouchers cannot be spent on the website and the website vouchers cannot be spent in the shop, sadly… one day I will work out a system to make them interchangeable.

  • Spring is springing


    This fabric is 100% cotton and 110cm wide.

    We sell our fabric by the square quarter, or fat quarter, which is approximately 50x55cm. If you order more than 1, you will receive a continuous piece. So if you’d like 1m, make your order for 4 pieces.

  • Mustard Flower Light Oilcloth


    I definitely did not accidentally buy a fabric thinking it was cotton, that ended up being a lovely light oilcloth fabric, perfect for updating your summer table. Or for making a waterproof make up bag, purse or tote.

    This fabric is 100% cotton cover with a light PVC covering, perfect for making something that needs that extra protection.

    We sell our fabrics by the fat quarter, if you buy multiples it will be sent as one continuous piece. For example, if you’d like 1 metre please order 4.

  • Rainbow Trim


    Who doesn’t want to cover everything in rainbows at the moment?

    This very bright and perky rainbow trim is priced by the metre, so if you order 2 you’ll get 2 metres. Each rainbow section is 4cm wide and 2.8cm deep, so your metre will get you approximately 24 rainbows which is pretty good rainbow-age for your pennies.

    This trim is sew on and washable, and would work as a ribbon or a trim or could be easily cut into individual rainbows for sewing on to your denim jackets.

  • Tshirt decoration

    Decorate a T-shirt kit


    One of our most popular craft party projects is ‘Decorate a T-shirt’, this is how to get your craft on at home!

    We’ll give you a lovely pack of all the bits we lay our on the table in our workshop space, and you can get creative with your own t-shirt. A T-SHIRT IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS KIT.

    The kit will include a selection of buttons, ribbon, embroidery thread, felt shapes and beads.

    You’ll have helpful haberdashery in the kit too including needles, tailors chalk, pins and a small embroidery hoop.

    We really can’t wait to see what incredible designs you come up with!

  • Kids Felt Craft Kit


    Our Kids Felt craft kit is everything to get your kids sewing with this easy to use fabric (mainly because it’s doesn’t fray) which comes in so many colours.

    We’ll include 5 colours of felt and 2 skeins of embroidery thread along with a few needles, a small bag of stuffing, some buttons and ribbon for decorating.

    There’s loads of simple things you can make with this kit.

    My favourites are a pouch to keep your precious figures in, a heart to hang in the window, an owl to hug, a flower to clip in your hair, cubes to stuff (& throw), a needle case to keep your needles in or a purse to keep your pennies in. I’m sure you can think of lots more…

  • Bunny Bells


    This adorable little bunny bells are a great bit of fun for Easter. Add onto your purse for a charm, bracelet or even make it into a keyring!

    Price per bell, they measure approx one inch in height.

  • Initial Pegboard | Embroidery Kit | Sewing | Wooden Kit | Cross Stitch

    Sale! £24.00 £15.00

    This is a 21.5cm square board, designed to be stitched with the provided wool into a range of different letters, words or shapes. They board is laser cut from 3mm board and provided with a needle, thread and set of instructions with suggested patterns including the alphabet in large letters for monograms and smaller letters, for small phrases and words.

    A great gift for crafters or those who are less confident at crafting as this is a can’t go wrong activity! If you do, just unpick and start again. The kit comes with a choice of coloured threads but you could also use your own.

    A great gift for an expectant or new mum, to be able to stitch the initial of a new baby.

    We do also have further kits available please check out our kits section for more designs!

Showing 1–12 of 24 results