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  • Animal Print Cross Stitch Case Kit


    This absolutely fills my ethos of ‘useful craft’, if you put all the effort into stitching something beautiful, let’s make it useful too!

    This 100% cotton Counted Cross Stitch animal print zip case/ clutch/ purse/ pouch is 22.7 x 17cm when finished and can be personalised with your initials.

    Full instructions and all materials are included in the kit.

  • Aida White 14 count


    This is the most popular Aida size (the fabric with holes in for cross-stitch) in the shop so we thought it was about time we had it on the website too! 14 refers to how many holes are in the fabric per inch, the higher number the smaller the stitches will be in each inch.

    14 count is good for beginners as it’s easy to see where to place the stitches.

    These are the sizes we sell our Aida in, in the shop, A5, A4 & 50cm square. If you order multiples, they will come as separate pieces.

    If you’d like a larger piece then this is how to order it: a square quarter piece of Aida is 75x50cm per piece, with this one ONLY if you order multiples, they will come as one continuous piece so if you’d like a metre (150x100cm) order 4.

  • Stick on Stitch n Tear


    I have been searching for this product and am utterly thrilled to have it in stock. It is what we all need to embroider our t-shirts…

    SO, Stitch n Tear is a product that you use to back your embroidery if you’re doing on a not entirely suitable fabric ie jersey, it is usually affixed to the back of your work with a spray on glue. It has always seemed like an annoying (and expensive) extra stage to me.

    This stuff sticks for itself, hurrah! You stick it on the back of whatever you’re embroidering (a t-shirt or sweatshirt for example) have a great time with your needle and thread… and then you gently tear the backing away. Hey Presto… can you tell how pleased I am with myself!

    The price is for a 50x50cm piece, if you order multiples, they will come as a continuous piece. This product will be folded to fit into an A4 envelope for postage which doesn’t stop it working in any way.

  • Needle Sets


    Super useful needle sets! Who doesn’t love a needle that makes itself easy to thread by being beautifully coloured.

    The tapestry set is 24 needles for cross-stitch and tapestry, they have a blunt point and large eye.

    The chenille set is 24 needles for going through fabric, they have sharp point and long eye.

  • Monks Cloth


    Monks Cloth is very like the Aida that you use for cross stitching but has a softer drape and a tighter but more relaxed weave, not sure if that makes sense but it’s the best description I can think of!

    I like to use it to cover sofa cushions as you can make the cover and decorate it as and when you fancy.

    It is also used for punch needle projects, rug weaving and cross stitch projects that need a more substantial fabric.

    This fabric is 100% cotton and 140cm wide. We sell it by the quarter square, which are approximately 50x70cm. If you order multiples they will come as one continuous piece.

  • Plain Linen


    Our Plain Linen is a beautiful textured fabric, perfect for further decoration or using for your dye experiments! It has a slightly more open weave than the 100% cotton making it great for embroidery.

    The price is per fat quarter, each fat quarter is 50x80cm. If you’d like 1 metre, order 4 fat quarters and you’ll be sent one whole piece.


  • Tshirt decoration

    Decorate a T-shirt kit


    One of our most popular craft party projects is ‘Decorate a T-shirt’, this is how to get your craft on at home!

    We’ll give you a lovely pack of all the bits we lay our on the table in our workshop space, and you can get creative with your own t-shirt. A T-SHIRT IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS KIT.

    The kit will include a selection of buttons, ribbon, embroidery thread, felt shapes and beads.

    You’ll have helpful haberdashery in the kit too including needles, tailors chalk, pins and a small embroidery hoop.

    We really can’t wait to see what incredible designs you come up with!

  • Kids Felt Craft Kit


    Our Kids Felt craft kit is everything to get your kids sewing with this easy to use fabric (mainly because it’s doesn’t fray) which comes in so many colours.

    We’ll include 5 colours of felt and 2 skeins of embroidery thread along with a few needles, a small bag of stuffing, some buttons and ribbon for decorating.

    There’s loads of simple things you can make with this kit.

    My favourites are a pouch to keep your precious figures in, a heart to hang in the window, an owl to hug, a flower to clip in your hair, cubes to stuff (& throw), a needle case to keep your needles in or a purse to keep your pennies in. I’m sure you can think of lots more…

  • Initial Pegboard | Embroidery Kit | Sewing | Wooden Kit | Cross Stitch

    Sale! £24.00 £15.00

    This is a 21.5cm square board, designed to be stitched with the provided wool into a range of different letters, words or shapes. They board is laser cut from 3mm board and provided with a needle, thread and set of instructions with suggested patterns including the alphabet in large letters for monograms and smaller letters, for small phrases and words.

    A great gift for crafters or those who are less confident at crafting as this is a can’t go wrong activity! If you do, just unpick and start again. The kit comes with a choice of coloured threads but you could also use your own.

    A great gift for an expectant or new mum, to be able to stitch the initial of a new baby.

    We do also have further kits available please check out our kits section for more designs!

  • Tres Bien | Embroidery Kit | Sewing | Wooden Kit | Cross Stitch


    With a nod to the past and traditional embroidery techniques this cross stitch kit is not like anything you’ve seen before! With the pattern laser cut on to plywood, instead if stitching into fabric, you are stitching on to a wooden board! This board spells out ‘Tres Bien’.

    With the pattern ready cut for you, you can’t go wrong so this is perfect for beginners, or for experienced makers who know just how relaxing and meditative settling down with a cross stitch project is.

    This board measures 10.5cm x 12.5cm and is available in a natural ply board with mustard thread.

    Everything you need is included in your kit, needle, wooden board, thread, instructions and string to hang.

    We do also have further kits available please check out our kits section for more designs!

  • Be Kind | Embroidery Kit | Sewing | Wooden Kit | Banner | Cross Stitch

    Sale! £18.00 £10.00

    Who doesn’t need a reminder to ‘Be Kind’ hanging on the wall?!

    This wooden banner is laser cut with holes to stitch the words Be Kind. Everything you need is contained within this kit including instructions, red thread, needle, and string to hang your finished board.

    Packaged in a beautiful kraft card envelope, this kit is great for stitching yourself or gifting.

    This board measures 16.5cm x 20.5cm and is laser cut on 3mm birch plywood.

    We do also have further kits available please check out our kits section for more designs!

  • Wooden Bird | Embroidery Kit | Sewing | Cross Stitch


    A wooden decoration, laser cut onto plywood, ready for you to stitch with high quality DMC soft cotton thread. Add to an Easter tree or just display around your house.

    This craft project is perfect for beginners as it uses one simple stitch and with pre-cut holes you can start again as many times as you wish.

    Everything you need is included in the kit, including a needle, instructions card, coral pink thread, wooden shape and string to hang. All packaged in our recyclable packaging (just remove the sticker) there is no plastic in our packaging.

    Bird measures approximately 12cm x 15cm.

    We do also have further kits available please check out our kits section for more designs!

Showing 1–12 of 21 results