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  • 10 x 1m Coloured Wire

    Coloured wire for use in a variety of jewellery and craft projects.

    These packs have 10 x 1 metre of 10 different colours of wire, in 0.5mm which is 24 guage.  They are great for having a play with, wire wrapping and making shapes.  The colour mix is different every time but always lovely!

  • 4mm Glass Round

    Tube of small glass vintage beads, great for a variety of projects. Choose from 6 different colours.

    Our vintage glass 4mm round beads come in a lovely array of traditional colours. These little tubes contain 200 beads which means you get a 25% discount on the individual price – bargain!

    Some of these colours may not arrive in a tube, but they’ll be the same lovely beads!

  • Amber Resin Bead

    11mm transparent resin bead.

    This lovely transparent Amber coloured resin bead is great for making lightweight pieces, and such a beautiful classic colour.

    11mm round with a 2.5mm hole.

  • Amber Resin Tube

    Lovely honey coloured amber resin tube bead. I would love these knotted in between in a really long length – what would you love?! 

    Transparent Amber Tube, all the way from India and made of Resin. 21mm x 11mm with a 2.5mm hole.

  • Black Glass Flower Drop

    Black glass flower drop bead.

    Most people use these as dangles on earrings or necklaces with a 4mm or smaller bead as the flower stamen. But they can just be threaded and still look beautiful on bracelets or as brooches. Hang them with our glass leaves to make a flowery cluster! These are one of my favourites.

    1cm wide and 0.75cm tall with a 0.4mm hole

  • Ceramic Penguin

    Ceramic penguin bead.

    Pick up a penguin! These adorable ceramic penguins measure 10mm across, 20mm down, and you can fit a 1.5mm thread through the hole. These are one of our favourites in the shop – get them while you still can! 

  • Charm Bracelet

    Beautiful beaded charm bracelet.

    Simple yet stylish. These charm bracelets measure 8″ long, and come in a variety of different coloured beads on a silver coloured chain. The unique nature of the beads and of the wire wrapping mean that every bracelet is individual (but does also mean you may not get exactly as you see in the photo!) 

  • Earring Hook

    Earring Hook


    Nickel free earring hooks.

    These earring hooks are a key component in making your own jewellery. Available in a range of colours, they’re all nickel free. The price is for a packet of 3 pairs of hooks. 

  • Easy Earring Kit

    Simple earring kit.

    Use this kit to learn how to make a pair of earrings. In the kit is full instructions, 2 headpins, 2 jump rings and a pair of earring hooks. You just need some lovely beads and a pair of round nose pliers to make your loop.