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  • Long Kidney Wire Earring Hooks

    Long Kidney Wire Earring Hooks

    Sale! £0.60 £0.30

    We’ve got these long drop kidney wires in 3 great colours – black plated, copper plated and gold plated. Perfect for adding a bit of length to your earring makes.

    These hooks measure approx 32mm from top to bottom, and 14mm at their widest point. The price shown is for one pair of hooks.

  • Ceramic Mouse Bead


    These ceramic mice are adorable! String them on a bracelet or add one to a charm necklace – sometimes you just have to own these things.

    Each mouse measures approx 18mm x 12mm with a 1mm hole.

  • Glass Heart Charm

    Glass Heart Charm


    These sweet glass heart charms are one of my favourite in the shop, I think they look so pretty hooked onto a chain!

    Available in pink and red, the charms measure 9mm across and 12mm down, and have a gold loop on the top, which would fit a thread of about 2mm.

  • Spotty Button Bracelet

    Spotty Button Bracelet


    These charming bracelets are made from genuine mother of pearl buttons topped with bright spotty plastic buttons.

    The perfect mix of fun and sophistication, these are also great for those suffering from metal allergies, as they fasten with a simple cotton loop and button.

    All of our jewellery is designed and crafted in house, so you won’t find these designs anywhere else.

  • Reindeer Pendent


    This metal reindeer pendant is absolutely perfect for autumn/winter cool!

    It’s a great size, at 6cm long, and has a 1mm hole to thread one of our cords or chains through.

    We think the most charming thing about this fella is the tiny bird on his back and the butterfly in his antlers – it’s all in the detail….



  • 4 Hole Plain Button: 8 sizes & 14 colours


    Are you looking for ‘just a simple button’? Or something lovely to brighten up your day? Look no further! This four-hole plastic button comes in all the colours of the rainbow and goes from small to pretty much ginormous. They have a lovely thickness to them that means they’ll stay done up and hold their colour really well.

    These buttons go with absolutely everything from baby cardigans and warm winter coats to crafty wall clocks and button necklaces. They are tough cookies too, and will survive a ride in the washing machine just fine.

  • Long Beaded Wrap Bracelet

    Long Beaded Wrap Bracelet


    This is one of our favourite designs ever – this beautiful long beaded wrap bracelet! It’s so versatile, can be worn as a 4 wrap bracelet, a double choker, or as one long necklace. Amazing!

    Made with vintage glass beads and your choice of wire – pink, purple, light blue, silver or teal.

  • Pineapple Charm

    Pineapple Charm


    This just has to get you in the summer mood! Pretty pineapple charm in a silver colour, measuring 9mm across, 20mm down, and with a 1mm hole at the top.

  • Plastic Laser Cut Pendants

    Sale! £1.00

    Our laser cut range of pendants, these connectors would look so beautiful as part of a necklace! They’re a real statement piece.

    Branch: measures approx 30mm down, and 19mm across (at their widest point).
    Shell: measures approx 30mm across and 28mm down.
    Bubble: measures approx 45mm across and 34mm down.
    Scalloped: measures 45mm across and 25mm down.

  • Strawberry Pendant

    Strawberry Pendant

    Sale! £0.50 £0.25

    Another addition to our ever growing range of fruit beads! These strawberry pendants are so sweet, and perfect for summer!

    They measure 15mm across, and 21mm down. The hole can fit a 1mm thread.

  • Horse Head Pendant

    Horse Head Pendant

    Sale! £0.50 £0.25

    This horse head pendant would make a perfect addition to any charm bracelet – or just strung on a chain as a necklace.

    Measuring 20mm across, this pendant has great detail.


  • Back to Back Button Necklace Kit


    Back to Back Button Necklace Kit.

    This necklace is about 45cm long but it can be made shorter. Because we use a button as a clasp, no tools are needed to make this lovely piece. You could even add some of your own heirloom buttons to make it really special.

    Each of our kits is individually packed, and so you may find some colour varation compared to what is shown in the photos. We think this makes them even more special!

Showing 325–336 of 403 results