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  • Ceramic Penguin


    Ceramic penguin bead.

    Pick up a penguin! These adorable ceramic penguins measure 10mm across, 20mm down, and you can fit a 1.5mm thread through the hole. These are one of our favourites in the shop – get them while you still can!

  • Eiffel Tower

    Eiffel Tower


    Ooh la la! Eiffel tower metal charm.

    This is one of our most popular metal charms in the shop. Bring the joy of Paris to your wrist with this sweet eiffel tower charm! It measures 7mm across, 27mm in length, and can be strung on a 1.5mm cord or chain. Mais oui!

  • Celtic Cross

    Celtic Cross

    Sale! £1.00 £0.50

    Celtic cross metal charm.

    This Celtic Cross is silver coloured, 23mm across and 25mm down, with a hole big enough to fit a 2mm thread through. It’s a great size for a statement pendant!

  • Sterling Silver Earring hooks

    Sterling Silver Earring hooks


    A lovely pair of Sterling SIlver Earring hooks, at their widest points, they are 17mm long and 18mm wide.

  • Metal Wheel Buttons

    Metal Wheel Buttons


    I brought these buttons because of their versatility, they are as fabulous made up into jewellery as they are as buttons.

    Our Steampunky customers love them and I am very pleased with my new earrings that used the smallest size as a base to hang little beads from.

    We are getting very low on stocks so buy while you can!

  • Fish Charm

    Fish Charm

    Sale! £0.30 £0.20

    Metal fish charm.

    These lovely detailed fish swam all the way over from India.  They have a nice weight to them. They are 15mm x 11mm with the loop being 0.5mm wide.

  • 10 x 1m Coloured Wire

    10 x 1m Coloured Wire


    Coloured wire for use in a variety of jewellery and craft projects.

    These packs have 10 x 1 metre of 10 different colours of wire, in 0.5mm which is 24 guage.  They are great for having a play with, wire wrapping and making shapes.  The colour mix is different every time but always lovely!

  • Gilt Wire


    Gilt craft wire ~ available in a variety of gauges (thicknesses).

    Our Gilt Wire comes in different sizes so you can use for them lots of things from crochet to making shapes and loops for creating and finishing jewellery.  They are all the same price but have differing amounts in the packs.

  • Copper Wire


    Copper craft wire available in a variety of gauges (thicknesses). Perfect for your beading and craft projects.

    Our Copper Wire comes in 3 sizes and is jewellery wire so it’s nice and flexible while holding it’s shape well.  We use 0.6mm for our Button Hearts that decorate the shop.

  • Silver Plated Wire


    Our wire is Silver Plated over copper. We have it in lots of thicknesses from 0.4mm to 1mm, they are all the same price but have differing numbers of metres.

    This is jewellery wire so is lovely and flexible but holds its shape too.  I would advise using 0.4mm for knitting.

  • Shell Pendant

    Sale! £1.50 £0.50

    Our big shell pendants are an absolute bargain! We love a statement piece – and they pick up any colours you put with them which makes them great for everyday wear.

    They are a natural product so do differ but they are generally 5cm round with a 2mm hole.

  • Shell Disc

    Shell Disc


    These delicate shell discs look beautiful with whatever you put with them as they ‘catch’ any colour close by. You could knot them in between each individual bead for a really special piece.

    They are 15mm across with a 0.5mm hole straight through the middle.

Showing 349–360 of 403 results