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  • Hair Clip


    These hairclips are a favourite at our Kids Craft Club.

    They have a hole at the end for adding beads, buttons, felt shapes, wire creations or whatever else you can think of.

    They are 45x14mm at their longest and widest point.

  • Coil Thread End


    These coil thread ends are one of the products we have sold since we opened, 18 years ago!

    These ones are silver plated, and are 11x4mm with a hole for 2mm thread. The end loop can be opened to attach your clasp.

    The trick is to just push that final twist of the coil into the thread, using a flat nose plier, and if your thread is a bit thin, then double or even triple it into the hole. This thread end needs a good bit of thread to be able to hold on to it, I often use a dab of glue to be really sure too.

  • Feather Earrings


    Glitter, feather earrings EVERYONE LOOK!

    Beautiful natural feathers that are dipped in a bit of glitter for some natural glitz!

    These will all be individual because they are a natural product.

    The earring hooks are silver or gold plated over copper. The whole earring drops 10cm from your ear, the actual feather is 8cm long (ish) and 2cm wide (ish).

  • Acorn Glass Earrings


    These beautiful Acorn tops make the beads they sit upon really shine!

    I absolutely love them, and this are the last few of this range. The beads are all from our Vintage haul, so can’t be repeated. There are only 5 pairs left available.

    The metal is all silver plated, including on the lovely simple ear hooks, over copper. The earrings drops 30mm from your ear, and are 12mm at their widest point.

  • Bead Mat


    Our Bead Mats are absolute life savers! They are a slightly texturous, soft mat that saves so much hassle.  Finally something to stop the beads rolling about while you’re working on your designs. I don’t know how people cope without them, we use them in all our Jewellery Making classes.

    Ours are 35x28cm and washable.

  • Plastic Flower Bell Drop


    These pretty bell shaped drop beads are perfect for earring making, or as a spring necklace. They are made from a semi-translucent plastic, which has a nice texture to it too.

    They are a 14mm drop and are 10mm at their widest point, with a hole for a 1mm thread.

  • Lobster Clasp


    Our Lobster clasps are Silver and Gold plated over Copper (which is a metal the least number of people are allergic to) and come in 3 sizes; 14mm, 12mm and 10mm.

    They are by far our best selling clasp, for their simplicity and easy to open action.

    I’m pleased to finally have them here for your clasping needs.

  • Filigree Drop Earrings


    These earring are stunningly delicate while being a bold hit of colour, perfect for that dramatic Zoom meeting look!

    Made from plastic, with either gold or silver plated earring hooks, they’re a perfect present (you don’t have to tell anyone who for…)

    I only have 2 pairs of each colour so snap them up…. it is nearly the weekend….

  • Brown Freshwater Pearl earring


    I’ve always thought these slightly chunky brown shiny freshwater pearls were beautiful, but have always struggled to find the best vehicle to show them off… I think I’ve finally found it!

    The gold plated earrings studs really give the pearl a chance to shine. You can choose from Star or  Round.

    The freshwater pearls are a natural product so the pairs are not identical, but I will do my best to match them up for you.

  • Mother of Pearl 2 hole Button


    These are really beautifully made, with that stunning golden cream tinge that mother of pearl buttons can have.

    I want to make them into jewellery so I can wear them all the time, I love their classic elegance.

    They are 2mm thick, so have a great chunk to them too.

  • Shell Earrings


    These Shell earrings are rather special, in 3 styles/sizes, with gold highlights. I only have 2 pairs of each size.

    They are a natural product so the pairs are not the same, especially with the small variety (which is why I photographed all 4 together!) but I will do my best to send you the closet to a pair that there is!

    The gold plated earring hooks I’ve used are ‘huggies’, they clip together in a circle so no lost earrings, hurrah.

  • Ceramic Heart Bead


    This lovely glossy red heart ceramic bead is perfect for wearing your heart on the outside!

    It is 12mm with a hole big enough to take a 1.5mm thread.

    Absolutely beautiful as a pair of earring, with our Easy Earring Kit or on a simple Thread with one of our Thread Kits!

Showing 37–48 of 389 results