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  • Happy Weather Fabric


    This super happy fabric features rainbows, clouds and suns… lots of lovely weather on a blue background.

    It is 100% cotton and 110cm wide.

    We sell our fabric by the quarter square, so a single piece is approximately 50x55cm.
    If you order in multiples, it will come as one continuous piece, so if you’d like a metre, order 4 pieces.

  • Mother of Pearl Back to Back Button Necklace


    These beautiful vintage 18″  Mother of Pearl necklaces are all handmade right here in Exeter. The buttons may differ slightly from the photo, but never by much. The clasp is all sterling silver and the  nylon thread is super strong. I am happy to include a mending guarantee on this piece too, just bring it into the shop or post it to me and I’ll mend it for free for you, forever.

    I think this necklace is best at 18 inches, but if you would like it longer or shorter, let me know in the notes and I’m happy to make you a bespoke necklace. If you want it much longer, I might have to add a small extra cost though.

    The buttons were sold to us by a elderly gent who was clearing out his loft after his seamstress wife has passed away.  He just kept on appearing with more buttons, and a twinkle in his eye, saying ‘I had no idea she had so many, she must have sneaked them in the house!’

    This lady had great taste, the quality of the buttons is phenomenal, and I have enough to make many necklaces!



  • 5.5cm Wooden Ring


    These wooden rings are multi use, but in the shop we find they are mainly bought for Macramé creations.

    This ring is 5.5cm wide, the ring is 8mm thick so the interior diameter is just under 4cm.

  • Wood Strawberry Bead


    These Strawberry wooden beads look lovely strung on our cotton threads, bright, chunky and simple… the perfect kids and big kids piece!

    They are 20x15mm with a hole (that might need pushing through) that is 2mm wide.

    If you order ‘Mixed’, I’ll send a random mix of colours in whatever quantity you purchase; doing my best to include all the colours available.

  • Arrowhead Necklace


    These necklaces made from our Arrowhead pendants, by us in the shop in Exeter, are best sellers.

    Choose from Gold or Silver Plated and 16 or 18 inch long.
    If you’d like another length, please let us know, the beauty of hand making everything ourselves is that we’re super flexible.

  • Brown Paua Shell Button Necklace


    These beautiful Copper Brown buttons make a visually stunning necklace. I love making jewellery out of buttons, this is just the most tactile piece to wear. This necklace is hand-made by Mattie.

    It fits over your head with no metal clasp needed and is 70cm/28″ long over all, made from thin and super strong thread. If it ever snaps, bring it back into the shop and I’ll mend it for you, forever.

    If you would like the necklace a different length, let me know and I’ll make one up especially for you. If it’s massively longer, I may have to add an extra cost for the extra materials and time taken. I’ll let you know this before I started creating!

  • Enamelled Coconut Buttons


    Our enamelled coconut buttons have always been a real favourite, especially when we take our wares to the Contemporary Craft Festival in Bovey Tracey.

    We have 2 colours and 3 sizes in stock at the moment, 4cm, 3cm & 2.2cm win a beautiful soft Peach and a darkish Teal.

    Shiny enamel on the front and smooth coconut on the back, what a lovely button!

  • Animal Print Coconut Button


    These 4cm coconut patterned buttons are brilliant!

    Animal print, lovely chunky size and made from a natural material… perfect!

  • Sterling Silver Ear hooks


    These a really lovely Sterling Silver ear hooks are slightly more chunky than their Sterling Silver partner, the Sterling Silver Earring hooks.

    Sometimes an earring just needs a more substantial hook! They are 20mm wide and 20mm high and the silver ball on the hook is 2mm round. The price is per pair.

  • Sausage Dog Charm


    This lovely Zinc alloy, silver coloured Sausage Dog charm is 13mm high and 22mm wide with a hole that will take a 1.5mm thread.

  • Stegosaurus Dinosaur Charm


    This lovely Zinc alloy, silver coloured Stegosaurus Dinosaur charm is 13mm high and 26mm wide with a hole that will take a 2mm thread.

  • Diplodocus Dinosaur Charm


    This lovely Zinc alloy, silver coloured Diplodocus Dinosaur charm is 11mm high and 24mm wide with a hole that will take a 2mm thread.

Showing 37–48 of 402 results