50x75cm (Quarter)

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  • Aida White 14 count


    This is the most popular Aida size (the fabric with holes in for cross-stitch) in the shop so we thought it was about time we had it on the website too! 14 refers to how many holes are in the fabric per inch, the higher number the smaller the stitches will be in each inch.

    14 count is good for beginners as it’s easy to see where to place the stitches.

    These are the sizes we sell our Aida in, in the shop, A5, A4 & 50cm square. If you order multiples, they will come as separate pieces.

    If you’d like a larger piece then this is how to order it: a square quarter piece of Aida is 75x50cm per piece, with this one ONLY if you order multiples, they will come as one continuous piece so if you’d like a metre (150x100cm) order 4.

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