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A Rainbow Walk around Shaldon

Hi it’s Alice here! I’m usually in the shop on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday but due to the current situation the shop is closed till further notice so I’m working from home via email with Mattie to hopefully give you all some inspiration to keep on crafting and your spirits up through all this time!

I live in Teignmouth so I’m lucky enough to have many different walking routes close by to mix up my daily exercise. One of my favourite running routes is over the bridge to Shaldon and around the country lanes. I always do an anti clockwise circle however the other day I decided to go backwards and it was like a completely different place! I noticed different houses and gardens simply because I walked a different way to normal and I noticed just a few rainbows as I did!

Below are just a few examples of different rainbows to brighten up not only your day but your neighbours as they walk by.

Just one of many painted shells that have been carefully placed along the Bridge.
A Chalk masterpiece on the road labelled ‘The Hope Rainbow’
Next the chalk rainbow was this beautiful embroidered rainbow on their gate!
Last but not least another shell rainbow – perhaps they made the rainbows now decorating the bridge!

Inspired by all these rainbows I’m going to embroider my own and show you how in another blog post for next week!

Hope you’re all keeping safe and remembering to not only get your daily exercise but sunshine as well!

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How to: Vintage Leaf Festival Hair Crown

How to: Vintage Leaf Festival Crown

Mattie came up with this design while trying to think of new and pretty ways to use our special leaf shaped beads that we obtained in a big haul of vintage stock a few years ago. As with all good ideas, this one involved a crown. Follow our instructions below to make your own beaded crown, sturdy enough to survive the entirety of festival season…


You will need: 0.6mm wire, vintage leaf beads, vintage pearl beads, 50cm ribbon. This can be done with any beads and ribbon of your choice – as long as their not too heavy to adorn your head all day! We use 0.6mm wire here because it was the thickest we could fit through our leaf beads, but 0.8mm is also great and a bit sturdier (if you can fit it through!)

1. Cut yourself a piece of wire 1 metre long.

2. Start threading your beads on – we threaded two leaves, followed by a pearl, and repeated this pattern.


3. Once it looks like it’s getting long enough, check it around your head for length. It should sit comfortably on your head like a crown, not fall down and into your eyes.


4. Where the two ends meet, wrap the wire around each other nice and neatly, and then trim down with a wire cutter so they’re not poking out.


5. Tie your piece of ribbon so it covers up your wire wrap.


6. Voila! Wear all day like a festival queen.


If you fancy giving this a go we’ve put together everything you need in a kit – and with 3 colours to choose from! Check it out by clicking here.

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Easter Fun



Since the Easter holidays are almost upon us, we’ve rounded up a whole host of activities to keep you entertained over the next few weeks. Perfect for those tiring of buying endless amounts of chocolate, we have workshops, kits, treats and ideas for flexing those creative muscles (and keeping out of mischief!) Jewellery making and crafty kits suitable for little ones as young as 3 are available online and in the shop, and don’t forget you can book in for a private workshop at anytime over the holidays. Get in touch for availability and inspiration!


Our classic colour mix boxes are the perfect way to keep little (and big!) hands busy, especially when the inevitable rain hits. Filled with enough beads, thread and findings to whip up a few different pieces, these are perfect for crafty types who want to start designing. All hand packed in the shop, every single box is unique – so you get a different selection of loveliness every time! Buy them here.

Egg Bunting

For a super fast bit of easter fun, we’re feeling inspired by lovely paper bunting, easily created by cutting out egg shapes from colourful papers and stringing on to a pretty thread or ribbon. Try adding letters to for your own Easter message and hang up for all to see – lovely!


Over chocolate egg hunts? Go for something much more wonderful and hide a few of our ceramic bunnies around the place. Once found, they can be threaded onto something lovely (even just a pretty ribbon!) and will provide a much longer lasting treat.


These are also available exclusively in store with extra special heart adornment – pretty irresistible!

Pom Pom Bunny

Pinterest is a never ending source of Easter fun, but this is one of our favourites – pom pom bunnies! Check out the tutorial here. Really straightforward to make out of a little wool, felt, nylon and beads, these could easily be whipped up in a whole host of colours. For even easier bunny creation, don’t forget we now stock the wonderful Multi Pom in store, for making lots of same size pom-poms at once! Can’t say better than that.


We’ll be hosting our monthly Creative Kids sessions in the shop on Saturday 19th March, with Jewellery Making between 10.30am and 12pm, and Sewing between 2pm and 3.30pm. Each session is £5, and includes all materials so your little one will head home with their make. In the afternoon we’ll be practising our cross stitching skills with these awesome bunny cut outs, and decoupaging some eggs! Give us a call at the shop on 01392 437377 to book, or just drop in on the day.

 Have fun – and Happy Easter!

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Be Our Valentine

Valentine’s Day

It’s finally getting too near to deny it anymore. This Sunday. It’s happening. We’re not overly keen on the celebrations here at Bunyip, since we’re all working or away entertaining the extended family, so we’ve put together a collection of wonderful things you can make for yourself, or a loved one, or your cat. We’re not here to judge.

Wooden Heart Hanger


For the minimal effort enthusiasts – we sell these awesome cut out wooden hearts in loads of beautiful bright colours. String one on a pretty piece of thread and hang in the window for instant prettiness.

Button Hearts


One of our favourite things to make ever, button hearts are easily whipped up out of your button stash. You need some craft wire (we go for 0.6mm silver plated, grab some here) and lots of pretty buttons of a similar size. Lay them out first so you know what you’re doing, and then cut yourself a nice long piece of wire – exactly how long depends on the size of your heart. Start by threading on your button that’s right at the bottom of your heart onto the middle of the wire, and then thread your others on evenly to either side, shaping nicely at the top into an attractive heart shape. Once your buttons are meeting at the top, twist the two ends together, snip off any excess and tie on a nice piece of clear nylon or thin ribbon.

Felt Hearts


What better way to fill those lonely hours than cutting out loads of felt hearts, popping them all through a sewing machine and making yourself some lush felty garlands? Pro tip: make these in black and grey to curb your romance induced nausea.

Heart Charms – Earrings


For instant jewellery making gratification there’s always earring making too. We have lots love and heart based things you could pop straight on an earring hook – just use a flat nosed plier to open the loop at the bottom of the earring hook, pop your charm of choice on, and close it! Note: we also have charms with skulls on. Just saying.

Beaded Hearts


Not enough heart shaped wire fun for you? These beaded hearts are so sweet – a bit more complicated to make, but luckily we’ve whipped them up in lots of lovely colours already so you can just grab them straight from us. You’re our valentine really, lucky thing!

Heart Charms


Another fun and easy jewellery make is just to pop one of these amazing charms on to a matching chain or sturdy piece of cord – then keep it for yourself. You’re the best.

There you have it, a whole host of things you could do this Sunday that don’t involve going outside or even opening the curtains. Add a large glass of wine and you’re kind of having the best day ever – win!

(P.S – we do have some secret actual Valentine’s cards to buy in the shop too – just don’t tell anyone.)