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A Rainbow Walk around Shaldon

Hi it’s Alice here! I’m usually in the shop on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday but due to the current situation the shop is closed till further notice so I’m working from home via email with Mattie to hopefully give you all some inspiration to keep on crafting and your spirits up through all this time!

I live in Teignmouth so I’m lucky enough to have many different walking routes close by to mix up my daily exercise. One of my favourite running routes is over the bridge to Shaldon and around the country lanes. I always do an anti clockwise circle however the other day I decided to go backwards and it was like a completely different place! I noticed different houses and gardens simply because I walked a different way to normal and I noticed just a few rainbows as I did!

Below are just a few examples of different rainbows to brighten up not only your day but your neighbours as they walk by.

Just one of many painted shells that have been carefully placed along the Bridge.
A Chalk masterpiece on the road labelled ‘The Hope Rainbow’
Next the chalk rainbow was this beautiful embroidered rainbow on their gate!
Last but not least another shell rainbow – perhaps they made the rainbows now decorating the bridge!

Inspired by all these rainbows I’m going to embroider my own and show you how in another blog post for next week!

Hope you’re all keeping safe and remembering to not only get your daily exercise but sunshine as well!

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Exploring Devon – Shaldon

Having grown up in Plymouth then going on to university in Bath I have done the train journey going through Teignmouth and Dawlish countless times (I actually based my third year art project on it!) The part I always loved is leaving Newton Abbot, seeing the river expand and spotting the multi coloured houses across the way. Then most high speed trains wizz through Teignmouth and Dawlish stations without stopping on route to Exeter but it still gives you enough time to stop and enjoy to view of Dawlish Bay
Now having moved to Teigmouth I’m short walk away from said coloured houses and a few weeks into living here my husband and I ventured over and learned that it’s not Teignmouth over there but a beautiful little town called Shaldon!

For such a tiny place there’s a surprising amount of shops and of course pubs! The Ness has become a firm favourite with views over the river. There’s a selection of light snacks if peckish after walking there or after spending a morning on the beach with Smuggler’s Cover just 5 minutes away – a great hidden spot, you access it via a tunnel original built by pirates! But don’t worry it’s clearly been reinforced for the public to walk down safely and there’s a little gift shop and loos nearby!
You can also turn the walk into a bit of a hike by following the South West Coast Path all the way to Torquay or even all the way around Devon! I’ve made it as far a Maidencombe Beach and upon finding that their cafe was closed for refurb along with the loos then made the hunt for a closer pub before turning back around the head back home.

Back to Shaldon there’s several others pubs on the main high street along with a handful of little gifts shops and a tea room!
And then you may need to google map it but there’s also the botanical gardens with the teeniest castle that’s available to hire! It’s would be perfect for a kids birthday party as there’s just enough room for a tea party table and then you could make a scavenger hunt in the gardens!
Then if you don’t fancy walking back to Teignmouth you can get the ferry across the river, and by ferry I mean a tiny little pirates ship!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post about Shaldon! Hoping to share more of the delights of Devon in the coming months! – Alice