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  • Pliers

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  • Craft Sticker Sheet


    Our Crafty Sticker sheet is now available here as well as in the shop.

    Show the world your Love for Craft with 14 crafty stickers on a 21 x 15cm sheet.

    Our paper stickers are only available from Bunyip Craft, and were designed and printed for us locally in Devon.


  • 5.5cm Wooden Ring


    These wooden rings are multi use, but in the shop we find they are mainly bought for Macramé creations.

    This ring is 5.5cm wide, the ring is 8mm thick so the interior diameter is just under 4cm.

  • Bead Mat


    Our Bead Mats are absolute life savers! They are a slightly texturous, soft mat that saves so much hassle.  Finally something to stop the beads rolling about while you’re working on your designs. I don’t know how people cope without them, we use them in all our Jewellery Making classes.

    Ours are 35x28cm and washable.

  • 5″ Multi use Scissors


    These 5″ or 12cm Scissors are neat and practical, but still sharp enough to be super useful.

    Use them for all your crafty projects, whether keeping them super sharp by only using them on fabric or having them as your little snippers for everyday use.

    For use by both lefties and righties, we’ve tested them!

  • 7″ Multi use Scissors


    These 7″ or 18cm Scissors are for all your Crafting needs!

    Keep them super sharp by only using them on your fabric projects, or go wild and use them for all your crafting desires.

    They are for lefties and righties, making them even more versatile.

  • Pinking Shears


    Pinking Shears are the wonder scissors that stop your fabric from fraying. They give you a lovely zig zag line along the edge of your fabric, meaning you don’t have to worry about fraying or making your bunting double sided!

    These Pinking Shears are 9″ or 23cm at their longest point, and are best not used on anything but fabric if you want to keep them super sharp.

    For use by both left and right handers, I’ve tested them!

  • 8″ Fabric Scissors


    These 8″ or 20cm long Fabric Scissors are just as great as our 9″ scissors, lovely, light and sharp… they’re just a little smaller for those of us with smaller hands. Sometimes traditional fabric scissors are just too cumbersome.

    They work for lefties and righties, we have both working at Bunyip so have checked!

    Do you want to know the secret to keeping your scissors sharp? Don’t cut anything but fabric with them…


  • 9″ Fabric Scissors


    These are the Fabric Scissors we use in the shop, they’re a good size without being too cumbersome.

    They are 9″ which is 23cm at their longest point.

    The big trick to keep your fabric scissors sharp and cutting well is to not use them to cut ANYTHING else but fabric… so hide them from everyone else!

  • Cutter


    Nice and simple, these will cut your wire, headpins, tiger tail, eyepins or anything else you need to get really close into cut.

    The end of the cutter goes into a small point so you can get into small spaces, and get really close finishes.

    Your cutter is part of the essential jewellery plier family, along with our round nose and flat nose pliers.

  • Wide Flat Nose Plier


    These are my favourite pliers! I just seem to pick them up and use them more than anything else.

    They are absolutely essential in wirework, as you use them to hold what you’re working on in place, and push in those sharp ends. They’re most often used when you’re doing work that needs 2 pliers, these pliers to hold the piece and the other to do the work. The wider nose means you are holding on with more security.

    Part of the essential pliers needed for jewellery making along with the round nose plier and cutter.

  • Tapered Flat Nose Plier


    Flat nose pliers are the hardest working of the jewellery plier family.

    They are absolutely essential in wirework, as you use them to hold the wire in place, and push in those sharp ends. They’re most often used in the shop for the 2 plier work, where you hold what you’re making with the flat nose plier and do what needs doing with your other plier.

    Part of the essential pliers needed for jewellery making along with the cutter and round nose plier.

  • Round Nose Plier


    I think this is the Plier we use the most for our Jewellery making in the shop.

    You can’t make a pair of earrings, or turn a bead into a charm, without them. Round nose pliers are what you wrap the headpin around to make the circle of the loop that you attach to the earring hook.

    Used in conjunctoin with the flat nose pliers and cutters, they are the essentials of jewellery making equipment.

  • 4 in 1 multi use Jewellery Plier


    Our multi use jewellery plier is a really useful tool.

    4 usages on one plier: round nose to make your loops, flat nose to hold them in place, cutter to snip the ends and an ingenious little jump ring closing notch.

    Perfect for a beginner who doesn’t want to invest in all the separate tools or for when you’re travelling.

  • Bunyip Guide to Jewellery Making

    Bunyip Guide to Jewellery Making


    Exclusive to Bunyip ~ beginner’s guide to beaded jewellery making.

    We are super proud of our 16 page booklet.  We wrote it ourselves, and it includes all the tips and hints that we’ve been giving our customers for years. It starts with how to use colour theory, then explains all the threads, tools and findings, moving along to chain, wirework and button jewellery.  With projects along the way to use your new found skills too.

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