Who doesn’t love a present?

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  • Craft Sticker Sheet


    Our Crafty Sticker sheet is now available here as well as in the shop.

    Show the world your Love for Craft with 14 crafty stickers on a 21 x 15cm sheet.

    Our paper stickers are only available from Bunyip Craft, and were designed and printed for us locally in Devon.


  • Glass drop & Hammered hoop Earrings


    These beautiful earrings are made with a silver plated hammered hoop and Indian glass faceted drop in either pink, purple or red.
    Match in a simple silver plated ear hook and you’ve got a classic, easy to wear, every day pair of earrings.

  • Innocent Bones Cross Stitch Kits

    Sale! Original price was: £12.00.Current price is: £10.00.

    These are great beginner cross stitch kits, super simple because you’re only using 1 colour, you’ll be an expert stitcher by the time it’s hanging on the wall.
    There are 3 designs currently available.

    This counted cross stitch kit includes:

    • Printed design chart and guide to cross stitching
    • Stranded cotton embroidery floss
    • 5 inch wooden embroidery hoop
    • Antique white 14 count Aida fabric
    • Round point tapestry needle

  • Mother of Pearl & Glass LOVE necklace


    This beautiful handmade necklace can be either 16″ or 18″ long, and made using tiny glass beads and 10mm mother of pearl shell letters.

    Each one is unique as they are made to order.

    It’s the perfect present, and YES you can present it to yourself…

    The clasp and findings are silver plated.

  • Drawstring Bag DIY Sewing Kit


    This is the second in our super simple sewing kits, using our wonderful range of fat quarters.

    Our Make a Drawstring Bag DIY kit comes with 2 50cm square pieces of fabric, a metre of matching ribbon or cord and full written instructions; all in a voile bag.
    This means that it’s great to give as a present for someone who has just bought a sewing machine, though it is possible by hand too.

    I have included lots of colour choices, but if you’d like 2 particular fabrics from our Fabric selection, just let me know in the notes when you make your order.

  • Infinity Scarf Making Kit


    We’ve been selling this very popular kit for years, and even have a video to show you how to do it!

    It’s a lovely simple, learn how to use your sewing machine project, kit.
    Super simple technique, full written instructions and POM-POMS! It comes in a drawstring bag too.

    I’ve added lots of colourways to choose from, but feel free to specify which fabrics you’d like (from the fabric section) in the notes when you make your order.

  • Mother of Pearl Back to Back Button Necklace


    These beautiful vintage 18″  Mother of Pearl necklaces are all handmade right here in Exeter. The buttons may differ slightly from the photo, but never by much. The clasp is all sterling silver and the  nylon thread is super strong. I am happy to include a mending guarantee on this piece too, just bring it into the shop or post it to me and I’ll mend it for free for you, forever.

    I think this necklace is best at 18 inches, but if you would like it longer or shorter, let me know in the notes and I’m happy to make you a bespoke necklace. If you want it much longer, I might have to add a small extra cost though.

    The buttons were sold to us by a elderly gent who was clearing out his loft after his seamstress wife has passed away.  He just kept on appearing with more buttons, and a twinkle in his eye, saying ‘I had no idea she had so many, she must have sneaked them in the house!’

    This lady had great taste, the quality of the buttons is phenomenal, and I have enough to make many necklaces!



  • Brown Paua Shell Button Necklace


    These beautiful Copper Brown buttons make a visually stunning necklace. I love making jewellery out of buttons, this is just the most tactile piece to wear. This necklace is hand-made by Mattie.

    It fits over your head with no metal clasp needed and is 70cm/28″ long over all, made from thin and super strong thread. If it ever snaps, bring it back into the shop and I’ll mend it for you, forever.

    If you would like the necklace a different length, let me know and I’ll make one up especially for you. If it’s massively longer, I may have to add an extra cost for the extra materials and time taken. I’ll let you know this before I started creating!

  • Feather Earrings


    Glitter, feather earrings EVERYONE LOOK!

    Beautiful natural feathers that are dipped in a bit of glitter for some natural glitz!

    These will all be individual because they are a natural product.

    The earring hooks are silver or gold plated over copper. The whole earring drops 10cm from your ear, the actual feather is 8cm long (ish) and 2cm wide (ish).

  • Jewellery Plier Set


    This set is lovely, and the one I use in the shop and at home.

    It’s the 4 main Jewellery Making Pliers: Round, Flat, Tapered Flat & Cutters in a super handy zip up case.

    These pliers are £10 each usually, and this set is less than that with the case included!

    It also gets you over the free postage amount straight away so no extra cost involved 🙂

  • Bunyip Craft Gift Voucher


    Who doesn’t love a crafty gift voucher!

    We have gift vouchers for the shop, which will be hand written and posted to you, or you can pick them up from the shop. Shop vouchers have no use by date.
    We have gift vouchers for the website, which take the form of a code that will be emailed to you so has no postage cost attached. Website vouchers have a use by date of 2 years after purchase date.

    The shop vouchers cannot be spent on the website and the website vouchers cannot be spent in the shop, sadly… one day I will work out a system to make them interchangeable.

  • Mushroom Darning Mushroom


    It’s the little things that make me happy, like mending your favourite socks with a sock darning mushroom that looks like a MUSHROOM!

    Perfect for mending rather than throwing away whatever needs a little darn, your best jumper or favourite socks.

    10cm in height, perfect size for holding in your hand.

    The darner is posted in 2 pieces for safety, then you pop them together when you receive your parcel 🙂

  • Fathers & Mothers Day Ribbon

    Sale! Original price was: £0.50.Current price is: £0.25.

    Have you been looking for the perfect ribbon to wrap your Dad’s Fathers Day or your Mum’s Mothers Day present with? Well, your search is over… Hurrah!

    This 100% cotton 15mm ribbon is plain on the back and wonderfully patterned with everything your Dad loves (apart from Fishing, there’s no Fishing related symbol) on the front, and flowers for Mum… typical.

    The price is for 1 metre of ribbon, if you order multiples we will send it as a continuous piece.

  • Pinking Shears


    Pinking Shears are the wonder scissors that stop your fabric from fraying. They give you a lovely zig zag line along the edge of your fabric, meaning you don’t have to worry about fraying or making your bunting double sided!

    These Pinking Shears are 9″ or 23cm at their longest point, and are best not used on anything but fabric if you want to keep them super sharp.

    For use by both left and right handers, I’ve tested them!

  • Be Kind | Embroidery Kit | Sewing | Wooden Kit | Banner | Cross Stitch

    Sale! Original price was: £18.00.Current price is: £10.00.

    Who doesn’t need a reminder to ‘Be Kind’ hanging on the wall?!

    This wooden banner is laser cut with holes to stitch the words Be Kind. Everything you need is contained within this kit including instructions, red thread, needle, and string to hang your finished board.

    Packaged in a beautiful kraft card envelope, this kit is great for stitching yourself or gifting.

    This board measures 16.5cm x 20.5cm and is laser cut on 3mm birch plywood.

    We do also have further kits available please check out our kits section for more designs!

  • Beginner’s Embroidery Kit


    Embroidery is the hottest craft right now and this kit sets you up with everything you need to get involved! Whether you fancy a spot of cross stitch or a go at free-hand embroidery, this will set you well on the way.

    The kit includes:
    2 x Aida of different colours
    Calico or Cotton Fabric Square
    5 x Embroidery Thread
    4″ Embroidery Hoop

    Either treat yourself to this perfect starter kit or give someone a nudge to get crafting.

    The colours are selected at random from our selection, but if you have a request please just let us know at the time of purchase and we’ll do our best!

  • Beginner’s Sewing Kit


    Desperate to start sewing but no idea where to start? Pick up one of these beginner’s sewing kits for everything you need to get going!

    The kit includes: 5 of our 50x50cm cotton fabric squares, a pack of 10 small reels of sewing thread, snippers, a small tomato pin cushion, tape measure, needles, seam ripper, thimble, needle threader, buttons, poppers, a box of pins and safety pins.

    Either treat yourself to this perfect starter kit or give someone a nudge to get crafting. A great gift for some who’s just received a sewing machine, but not necessary to have a sewing machine to use the kit!

    The colours are selected at random from our selection, but if you have a request please just let us know in the notes when you order, and we’ll do our best to comply.

  • Bead Knotted Bracelet


    We designed this kit after lots of requests in the shop for how to make these friendship bracelets. You can design your own kit, choosing the type of bead and colour of thread to make up your unique kit.

    We use a lovely range of glass, bone, metal and wood beads in this kit, along with cotton thread for the knotting, making it suitable for men and women.
    The kit can also we made up without the beads, just the knotted thread.

    The kit uses a macrame knotting technique that is much simpler than it looks, it just takes concentration!

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