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  • Thursday 4th April – 2:30m – 5:00pm

    Thursday 2nd May – 6pm – 8:30pm

    Who needs to spend a fortune on notebooks when you can learn how to make your own! In this class you’ll learn the techniques to sew together the pages of a book, add a ribbon bookmark and cover your book with fabric.

    All materials and refreshments are included.

  • Friday 29th March – 2:30pm – 5pm

    Wednesday 8th May – 6pm – 8:30pm

    Making jewellery is fun, and simple with the right tools, equipment and encouragement.
    Learn the skills needed to make necklaces, bracelets and earrings, using an array of beads, wire, findings (which are all the bits you use to make jewellery) and pliers to create your jewellery pieces.
    All materials and refreshments are provided, along with plenty of time for questions.
    You’ll go home with finished pieces and a Guide to Jewellery Making booklet.

  • Friday 26th April – 6pm – 8:30pm

    Thursday 23rd May – 2:30pm – 5pm

    We are passionate about mending and re-using at Bunyip. We would love it if you’d bring us your old, unworn or broken jewellery, beads or buttons and we will help you to redesign and remake them into pieces that you’ll treasure.
    We’re not able to solder and we’re not silversmiths but we’re jewellery makers with years of experience of making and mending jewellery who are excited for what each class will bring!
    Most materials and refreshments are provided and you’ll go home with a Bunyip Guide to Jewellery Making booklet.


  • Friday 10th May – 6pm – 8:30pm

    Friday 24th May – 2:30pm – 5pm

    We are all becoming a lot more aware about reusing and fixing items instead of throwing them away and we want to help you do just that. In this workshop, you’ll learn ways to mend, alter and embellish your existing clothes and accessories. Bring any items that you think need an injection of life and we will help you make it happen.

    We are passionate about sewing and embroidering and will use our skills to help you improve your clothes.

    Materials and refreshments are all included.

  • Learning how to stitch by hand will open a new land of embellishment & decoration to you!
    We will learn how to cross stitch and embroider using round patches as our base. You will be able to design your own piece, using threads, beads and buttons to make them personal to you. Materials and refreshments all provided.
    Wear your patch with pride!

    Friday 5th April – 2:30 – 5pm – Sold Out

    Wednesday 15th May – 6pm – 8:30pm