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  • Embroidery Scissors


    These 4″ or 10cm neat little embroidery scissors are prefect for getting really close to what you need to snip.

    I love the super bright colour of the handles, they fit our mantra of ‘pretty and practical’ perfectly! Bright Pink is currently out of stock.

    They can we used by lefties and righties, we’ve got both in our team so have checked!

  • 5″ Multi use Scissors


    These 5″ or 12cm Scissors are neat and practical, but still sharp enough to be super useful.

    Use them for all your crafty projects, whether keeping them super sharp by only using them on fabric or having them as your little snippers for everyday use.

    For use by both lefties and righties, we’ve tested them!

  • 7″ Multi use Scissors


    These 7″ or 18cm Scissors are for all your Crafting needs!

    Keep them super sharp by only using them on your fabric projects, or go wild and use them for all your crafting desires.

    They are for lefties and righties, making them even more versatile.

  • 8″ Fabric Scissors


    These 8″ or 20cm long Fabric Scissors are just as great as our 9″ scissors, lovely, light and sharp… they’re just a little smaller for those of us with smaller hands. Sometimes traditional fabric scissors are just too cumbersome.

    They work for lefties and righties, we have both working at Bunyip so have checked!

    Do you want to know the secret to keeping your scissors sharp? Don’t cut anything but fabric with them…


  • 9″ Fabric Scissors


    These are the Fabric Scissors we use in the shop, they’re a good size without being too cumbersome.

    They are 9″ which is 23cm at their longest point.

    The big trick to keep your fabric scissors sharp and cutting well is to not use them to cut ANYTHING else but fabric… so hide them from everyone else!

  • Snap Fasteners (Two Sizes)


    This snap fasteners are nice and strong so ideal for bags and other projects where you need a sturdy fastening.

    These snap fasteners come in two sizes: 30mm and 19mm in bronze, silver or black.

  • Thimbles


    Standard metal thimble. Never prick your finger on your needle again.

  • Lace Zip 35cm

    Sale! £3.00 £2.00

    These zips are absolutely beautiful, and one of my favourite things we’ve ever had in the shop! They measure approximately 2.5cm across, and come in two lengths: 20cm or 35cm.

    I only have 2 Orange zips left in stock.

    Because of the lacey design, these zips can be stitched on the outside of your make – making them miles easier to sew on. Pop one of these on the back of a dress or tee for instant cool. They’ve got a lovely scallopy edge and a really nice detailed brass zipper.

Showing all 8 results