Winter Fabric

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  • Stag Linen fabric


    The classic elegance of this Stag Linen is perfect for so many projects.

    Our linen range gets used for many upholstery, outdoor cushion or hardwearing bag projects.

    The linen is 100% cotton and is 150cm wide.

    We sell our fabrics by the fat quarter, for this fabric that will be approximately 75cm x 50cm. If you order multiplies they will come as one continuous piece so if you’d like a metre of fabric, order 4 pieces.

  • Ski Chalet

    Sale! Original price was: £3.50.Current price is: £1.75.

    This fabric is 100% cotton and 110cm wide.

    We sell our fabric by the square quarter, or fat quarter, which is approximately 50x55cm. If you order more than 1, you will receive a continuous piece. So if you’d like 1m, make your order for 4 pieces.

Showing all 2 results