Stick on Stitch n Tear


I have been searching for this product and am utterly thrilled to have it in stock. It is what we all need to embroider our t-shirts…

SO, Stitch n Tear is a product that you use to back your embroidery if you’re doing on a not entirely suitable fabric ie jersey, it is usually affixed to the back of your work with a spray on glue. It has always seemed like an annoying (and expensive) extra stage to me.

This stuff sticks for itself, hurrah! You stick it on the back of whatever you’re embroidering (a t-shirt or sweatshirt for example) have a great time with your needle and thread… and then you gently tear the backing away. Hey Presto… can you tell how pleased I am with myself!

The price is for a 50x50cm piece, if you order multiples, they will come as a continuous piece. This product will be folded to fit into an A4 envelope for postage which doesn’t stop it working in any way.

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