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  • Heart Pendant


    These lovely heart pendants make a great necklace, or keyring.

    They are handmade meaning everyone is unique.

    We bought them on our trip to India, and they are made of bone leftover from the food industry.

  • Tartan Ribbon


    Our Tartan ribbon is a mix of tartans, generally chosen for their great colours but couldn’t resist including the Frazer tartan, as I’m a Frazer too!

    I have 2 sizes in the mainly green Flower of Scotland, and just the wider in the red Stewart tartan and just the thinner in the red Frazer tartan.

    All prices are per the metre, if you order multiples quantities, then you will be sent a continuous piece.

  • Rainbow Ribbon


    Bright Rainbow Ribbon in 4 sizes, 38mm, 25mm, 16mm & 10mm.

    The ribbon is plain on the back.

    The prices are per metre, if you order multiples quantities, you will get a continuous piece.

  • Vehicles on the road Ribbon


    Really detailed 16mm ribbon for the vehicle enthusiast, with a yellow taxi, bin lorry, black cab and yellow bus on the road.

    The price is per metre, so it’s £2 for a metre, if you order multiples quantities, it will come as a continuous piece.

  • Bicycle Ribbon


    This beautiful 25mm woven pink Bicycle ribbon is perfect for your cycling crazy peeps!

    The price is per metre, so it’s £2.50 for a metre of ribbon. If you order multiple quantities, it will come as one continuous piece.

  • Reindeer Charm


    These lovely delicate little reindeer charms are a Christmas favourite.

    I like my earrings made with them so much that I wear them all year, but they are the perfect subtle Christmas-y charm.

    The loop is on one antler, so they hang really nicely from your necklace, earring or decoration.

    They are super shiny and have really nice detail.

  • Needle Sets


    Super useful needle sets! Who doesn’t love a needle that makes itself easy to thread by being beautifully coloured.

    The assorted set is 30 needles for all your sewing needs.

    The tapestry set is 24 needles for cross-stitch and tapestry, they have a blunt point and large eye.

    The chenille set is 24 needles for going through fabric, they have sharp point and long eye.

  • Jewellery Plier Set


    This set is lovely, and the one I use in the shop and at home.

    It’s the 4 main Jewellery Making Pliers: Round, Flat, Tapered Flat & Cutters in a super handy zip up case.

    These pliers are £10 each usually, and this set is less than that with the case included!

    It also gets you over the free postage amount straight away so no extra cost involved 🙂

  • Kids Craft Kit


    This is everything we can think of for kids to get crafting!

    Fabric, felt, large hole aida (for cross-stitch), felt shapes, buttons, iron-on patches, little pegs, ribbon, sequins, thread, needles, pins, kid friendly scissors and something extra special… which will change for every kit! This kit will come in one of our Bunyip boxes if you click & collect or have local delivery via Co-delivery and will come in a cloth bag if it is posted further afield.

    It’s small quantities of everything so kids can have a real play and see what takes their fancy, and hopefully come and get crafting with us in the future!

  • 0.6mm Coloured Wire


    Our favourite wire size, Yes that’s a thing, in lots of lovely colours. 22 guage and 10m per reel.

    Perfect for floral work, button hearts, jewellery making, wire wrapping and so much more!

  • Antique Bronze Wire


    Super flexible Jewellery wire from 1mm to 0.4mm.

    This is coloured copper craft wire, so is lovely to work with as it’s so easy to bend and shape.

    Price is the same for each thickness, but length of wire varies.

  • Bright Butterflies fabric


    This fabric is 100% cotton and 110cm wide.

    We sell our fabric by the quarter square, which is approximately 50x55cm, multiples are sent as one continuous piece. For example if you’d like a metre, order 4.

Showing 13–24 of 331 results