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  • Bells


    These little bells might just be the most cheerful things we’ve come across in a long time. And they make everything a lot more fun – especially at Christmas time.

    The bells come in lots of different sizes and colours, and are adorable no matter if you go monochrome or mix and match. String them up and hang them on your Christmas tree, add one or many to a bracelet or necklace, tie a tiny bell to the zip on a bag – the possibilities are endless. Ding ding!

  • Net Fabric


    This net is great for tutus, petticoats, craft and sewing projects. It’s quite stiff so holds it’s shape well.

    This fabric is 75cm wide and is sold by the metre.

  • Plastic Buttons


    These plastic buttons are really versatile and come in a range of different colours and 3 different sizes.

  • Plastic Fish Eye Button

  • Plastic Flower Buttons


    These flower buttons really finish off a cardigan or outfit. They come in a range of colours and 3 different sizes.

  • Silicone Beads


    These colourful silicone beads are gorgeous AND practical! Food grade and BPA free, these are completely odourless and free from toxic chemicals, lead, phthalates and any heavy metals. This means that these are perfect for nursing necklaces, and the lovely range of colour and sizes gives you plenty to choose from.

    We’ve done our best to photograph them to show their true colours but some variation may occur in real life. Happy shopping!

  • Sale! Big Triangle Earrings

    Big Triangle Earrings

    £6.00 £3.00

    These large triangle earrings are great for everyday wear! Made from glass beads and gold plated findings, pick a pair in every colour and never deliberate over what earrings to wear again…

    The perfect match to our bunting necklaces.

    These earrings measure approximately 40mm across. All of our jewellery is designed and crafted by our in house team, so you won’t find these designs anywhere else.

  • Bunting Necklace

    Beaded bunting necklace.

    We're so pleased with this design! The bunting necklace measures 20″ long, and comes with 7 different colours of flag to choose from, on a gold chain. The mini flags are half an inch long each, sitting perfectly on the neck. 


  • Ceramic Owl

    Ceramic Owl


    Ceramic owl beads – how can anyone resist?

    In 4 lovely colours with different detailing. They measure 16mm across and 16mm down, and you can fit a 1.5mm thread through the hole. Great for bracelets, fun earrings or as a focal bead for a necklace.


  • Charm Bracelet

    Beautiful beaded charm bracelet.

    Simple yet stylish. These charm bracelets measure 8″ long, and come in a variety of different coloured beads on a silver coloured chain. The unique nature of the beads and of the wire wrapping mean that every bracelet is individual (but does also mean you may not get exactly as you see in the photo!) 

  • Chunky Resin Bead

    Chunky resin beads ~ available in 2 colours.

    We have 2 lovely strong colours in these chunky beads, the red is pillar box red with a cracked pattern and the Aqua has more of a streaky white pattern. They make a real statement! SIze 30 x 20mm with a 2mm hole.

  • Versatile thin 0.5mm cotton thread for use in craft and jewellery projects.

    We sell our Cotton by the metre and have it in 7 super colours. Even though this size is very thin, it’s very strong and can even take getting wet, which is useful for surfers.

    The price you see here is for one metre.

  • Versatile 1mm cotton thread, available in a variety of colours.

    The 1mm Cotton Thread that we sourced all the way from India (that was a fun holiday/ business trip!) is available in a variety of colours.

  • Faceted Glass Drop

    Lovely faceted teardrop shape glass beads in a variety of pretty colours.

    We make lovely necklaces with these transparent faceted slightly chunky drops, they’re 2 strands with the drops spaced out on the thread. The drops are from India and aren’t perfectly faceted but that’s the charm of them! They’re 15 x 9mm at the widest points with a 0.5mm hole.

  • Faceted Wooden Bead

    Wooden Faceted Bead


    These wooden beads look fabulous strung on a chain or a simple piece of cord – they’re a real statement piece even with only a few together.

    The large size measures approx 19mm x 24mm with a 2mm hole.

    These unvarnished wooden beads are the perfect companion to our bright chunky faceted! We’re even hoping to have a go at painting them lots of fab colours…oh the possibilities.

    They measure approx 12mm x 16mm and have a 1.5mm hole.

  • Glass Heart Charm

    These sweet glass heart charms are one of my favourite in the shop, I think they look so pretty hooked onto a chain!

    Available in pink and red, the charms measure 9mm across and 12mm down, and have a gold loop on the top, which would fit a thread of about 2mm.

  • Happy Owl Kit


    This is my favourite DIY kit of all! Happy Owl Kit, which includes absolutely everything you need to make one of these cute creatures – even down to the needle and thread.

    You’ll find in this kit: all your felt pieces, button eyes, stuffing, ribbon, sewing needle, and three different colours of thread. The owl measures approximately 11cm x 9.5cm when finished.

    Because we change our stock fairly regularly (it’s good to keep things fresh!) you might find that the colours you get may vary from what’s shown in the photos. Just pick a colour scheme and we’ll make sure you get everything to that theme – and they’ll be lovely no matter what!

  • Little Spotty Button

    How sweet are these little spotty buttons? These are endlessly popular in the shop for adorning cardigans for babies because of the lovely big selection of colours. We use them in our spotty button bracelet design too!

    They measure approximately 13mm across, made from plastic and have 2 holes.

  • Sale!

    Mixed Buttons Bag

    £3.00 £2.00

    These bags of mixed buttons are a great bargain, perfect for groups or for stash building!

    Each bag is brim full of up to 100g of end of lines, over-stocks, and bits-n-bobs, so there is no guarantee of what buttons you’ll get and what quality they’ll be. The pictures are just a guideline.

  • Sale! Mixed Rocaille Pack 10g

    Mixed Rocaille Pack 10g

    £1.50 £0.75

    Mixed pack of rocaille beads.

    A delightful mix of our Indian rocaille beads. Approximately size 9 but could contain anything from our full rocaille and bugle range in the shop. Perfect for groups – it’s a real bargain buy!  The picture is of our 20g size.