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Our Newest Make – Multi Wear Jewellery

One of Mattie’s great strifes in life is the creation of jewellery you can wear more than one way. In our blog about bead weaving, one of the pieces mentioned was our extra long wrap around bracelet, that’s also long enough to be worn as one long necklace or as a double choker. There’s something so special about owning a piece of jewellery that you love, and being able to work it in a multitude of ways. It’s value for money, it keeps the piece interesting and it’s outrageously versatile.

So, drum roll, enter the newest Bunyip creation. A mix of resin, wood, glass and metal beads & charms, all linked together using wire and (very neat) wrapped loops. The beads are joined together by a length of chain at the back, making the whole necklace approx 90cm long. So far Mattie’s come up with two colour ways – choosing a favourite is the hard part.

The first way you can wear this piece is exactly like this – as one, lovely long chain necklace. And we continue….


Here’s the clever part. The chain at the back is attached with two lobster clasps, rather than normal jump rings. This means you can simply unclip the chain, and wear the beads as a shorter 18” necklace. Sweet! So you can just change it according to whether you’re going through a long necklace or a short necklace phase, which for me changes weekly. Unclipping the chain from the back also leaves you with a plain chain necklace to wear, which brings us up to 3 variations of wear so far.