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Project of the Month: How to make a Cutlery Pouch

Project of the Month: How to make a Cutlery Pouch

You will need: Materials: x2 Different fabrics 14cm x 62cm x1 Button between 15 – 20mm Tools and Equipment: Sewing Machine, Thread, Pins, Needle, Fabric Scissors, Ruler, Pen / Tailors Chalk, Iron and Ironing board, Pinking Shears, a mug / something with a curve to draw round You’re find this project very similar to .

10 Things I wish I Knew When I Started Sewing

I got my first sewing machine 13 years ago and, to be honest, I just muddled along. I had my fair share of ‘how on earth did I do that!?’ and ‘why can’t I do this!’ conversations with myself and learnt as I went. Recently I’ve tried more advanced sewing techniques and it got .

Top 10… Haberdashery Items

I sew so I use a lot of different haberdashery on a regular basis (that and I work in a haberdashery of course). Mattie asked me a while ago if I could do a blog post about my top ten items and it got me thinking… What makes something one of my favourites? It’s .

Project of the Month: Cross stitch Needle Case

We have a lovely new member of staff, Alice who is an amazing sewer and makes the cutest things. She’s going to be making different projects using fat quarters and this month she’s made this adorable needle book. Here’s how to make your own.  You will need: Your favourite cross stitch design, Aida Fabric, .

It’s All Going On!

How is it already December!? We’ve been really busy with Christmas Markets in various places around the city. We had our first stint at the cathedral market a few weeks ago and will be there again as of Monday (yes, we’re working on layouts and packing boxes in preparation today). It’s been great to .

News from Bunyip Basecamp

This autumn is a very exciting time for us here at Bunyip Craft. We witnessed a bit of a miracle when we managed to fit our whole Fore Street shop (and then some) into a miniature office. But it is an office that is surrounded by golden leaves and the breathing space we need .

August Sewing Challenge… Kind of

Lets start by saying how good I’ve been at keeping up to date with my sewing challenge… Sadly last month wasn’t quite as much of a success. The theme was ‘outerwear’ and I decided on a 50s swing coat so it was never going to be made in a month anyway but I’ve made .

Bunyip Craft: the next adventure

Bunyip Craft will close it’s current bricks and mortar shop door for the last time on Sunday 23rd September. It’s also the day of the fabulous Fore Street Flea so we want to have a really lovely day of celebration for the whole street. The response to our closure announcement has been overwhelming, and .

July Sewing Challenge – Trousers

My challenge for July was to make trousers; I made trousers at the beginning of the year but there were a few issues that I wanted to perfect. Controversially for a sewing project which I knew I would be writing about on a blog… I didn’t take very many pictures..  But here it goes .