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Project of the month: How to make a Pin Cushion

You will need:
x2 Different fabrics 15cm x 15cm
x1 Button between 15mm
2m Embroidery thread
Toy Stuffing
Tools and Equipment:
Sewing Machine,
Fabric Scissors,
Pinking Shears
Pen / Tailors Chalk,
Iron and Ironing board,
a bowl / something with a curve to
draw round, Let’s get making!

1. Grab both of your fabrics and draw around your bowl – this can be any size just bare in mind that your finished pin cushion being full of toy stuffing by the end will be padded therefore raised so it will appear slightly smaller by the end.

2. Cut out your fabrics and place them right sides together and stitch around the edge with a 1cm seam allowence, leaving a gao of roughly 5cm for turning.

3. Use your pinking shears to trim the edges, press with an iron and then turn – use a large knitting needle or even a pen with the lid on help turn the edges and then press with an iron again.

4. Now stuff your pouch with toy stuffing, using small amounts at a time helps to get an overall good level of even ness, when full use slip stitch to finish off.

5. Next grab your embroidery thread, thread onto a needle and tie a good knot at the end. Find your centre point of your cushion and stitch down, and bring thread through – don’t worry about the end thread and the knot it will soon be hidden! Bring your thread around the edge of your cushion and then stitch down all the way through again. And again 6 or 8 times – see photo for example, try to keep each section even it’s sometimes easier to neaten up when they’re all done as then you can compare them to each other.

6. With the last bit of your embroidery thread stitch up. Now stitch on your button 2 – 3 times up and down through the whole cushion should be plenty. Knot and tuck the thread in and snip – see our stories on instagram saved in the highlight section if you need and extra guide.

And there you have it! Please let us know how you got on with this project and if you share on social media tag us in with #bunyippotm so we can see them!