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Beginners Embroidery Stitches

If you’re not familiar with some of the stitches from our recent Project of the Month (Embroider a Rainbow Hoop) I thought I’d create a little how to for all of these simple stitches!

Chain stitch

A brilliant stitch that can be used for making thick lines, curves and even petals for flowers!


To make something a little more 3D couching is a great option. As you use the whole thickness of the embroidery thread and then just one line of thread for the couching – this can be the same or a different colour to make your piece multi coloured!

Running Stitch

One of the easiest by far is a simple running stitch. It’s always best to try and keep each stitch and gap between the stitch consistent. This can be all the same or the gap can be much smaller than the stitch. It’s completely up to you but keeping the gap the same as the next and the stitch the same as the next helps things look neat.

Stem Stitch

This stitch can be great for creating lines curved and straight, and as its name suggests perfect for embroidering flower stems!

Back Stitch

One of the most traditional stitches for embroidery and mending

French Knots

These are perfect for the dot over an i or for creating the tiniest little filled in circle, or the middle of a flower!

And there you have it! I hope the photos are detailed enough to follow. This should now make our recent blog post for How to embroider a Rainbow Hoop even simpler!