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Project of the Month: Quilted Potholder

You will need:Materials:
X1 Piece of fabric 60cm x 20cm
X1 Piece of batting (If it’s a think batting then double up)
X1 150cm piece of bias binding
Tools and Equipment:
Matching Thread to your bias binding, Pins, Needle, Fabric Scissors,
Ruler, Pen / Tailors Chalk, optional embroidery thread for hand quilting.
Iron and Ironing board, Sewing Machine,
Let’s get Making!

Cut your fabric into x2 20cm Squares, then with you remaining fabric cut diagonally so you have a triangle. Then do the exact same with you batting.

Working with your triangles sandwich together your fabric and batting. One triangle right side of fabric facing down, piece of batting triangle of fabric right side of fabric facing up, pin in place. Grab your bias binding, press in half with an iron and then fold over the raw edges – the long diagonal edge. Stitch on the sewing machine. – Or for a neater version check out our instagram stories for more detailed images!

Do the same sandwich pattern again with your square – Right side of fabric facing down, batting, right side of fabric facing up. Pin in place. You now have the option of quilting the layers together, either by hand of machine – if your wadding is quite thick perhaps go for hand quilting, a simple running stitch in a spiral would be plenty. Or criss cross squares on the sewing machine.

Now place your triangle on top of your square and pin in place. Next fold your bias binding around the raw edge of the square also catching in the edges of the triangle and stitch all together.

You should have a bit of bis binding leftover to make an optional hoop to stitch onto one of the corners for hanging your pot holder and Volia!

There you have it! Please let us know how you got on with this project and if you share on social media tag us in with #bunyippotm so we can see them!