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A Rainbow Walk around Shaldon

Hi it’s Alice here! I’m usually in the shop on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday but due to the current situation the shop is closed till further notice so I’m working from home via email with Mattie to hopefully give you all some inspiration to keep on crafting and your spirits up through all this time!

I live in Teignmouth so I’m lucky enough to have many different walking routes close by to mix up my daily exercise. One of my favourite running routes is over the bridge to Shaldon and around the country lanes. I always do an anti clockwise circle however the other day I decided to go backwards and it was like a completely different place! I noticed different houses and gardens simply because I walked a different way to normal and I noticed just a few rainbows as I did!

Below are just a few examples of different rainbows to brighten up not only your day but your neighbours as they walk by.

Just one of many painted shells that have been carefully placed along the Bridge.
A Chalk masterpiece on the road labelled ‘The Hope Rainbow’
Next the chalk rainbow was this beautiful embroidered rainbow on their gate!
Last but not least another shell rainbow – perhaps they made the rainbows now decorating the bridge!

Inspired by all these rainbows I’m going to embroider my own and show you how in another blog post for next week!

Hope you’re all keeping safe and remembering to not only get your daily exercise but sunshine as well!

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What would I do without you?

It’s been 2 weeks since Bunyip had its light fingered visitor, and that awful feeling that I’d really messed it up this time washed over me and I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders.

So much has happened since, so many emotions, and November has run away and it’ll soon be Christmas and life isn’t going to let up so I thought it best to get something written now to catch you all up on the story.

Firstly I still feel a bit stupid about the whole thing. I know I should have been more careful but a working woman needs coffee. It feels wrong that I let my guard down for 1 minute, switched off, get distracted in the middle of a task and I’m punished for it. I still feel like having a trantrum and stamping my feet and shouting IT’S NOT FAIR at the top of my lungs. Most of you are aware of the journey Bunyip has had over the last 12 months or so. It’s not been easy, but of course you just keep your chin up, smile and keep going.

I didn’t really want to publicise what happened but I also didn’t want people to hear through the rumour mill  or wonder why I was in such a state and I think I made the right decision.

The whole social media sharing thing isn’t natural for me but I am so glad I let people know. It was a real eye-opener that people actually want to know what you’re going through, and I feel blessed by the reaction of my friends, customers, fellow traders, the City, the retail community and the wider crafting community. I’ve cried tears of frustration, joy, gratitude and relief. I’ve cried for no reason what-so-ever. I’ve been spending evenings reading through all your kind words, and incredible generosity. I’ve had cake, craft courses, earrings and vegetables thrust into my hands with such conviction I had no choice to accept – which is harder than you think! I’ve had people visiting the shop everyday and its been wonderful to see you all. I’ve had the 2 best weeks in this shop and on the website. It’s completely blown me away.

The Police have CCTV of the culprit entering and leaving the shop, but have been unable to find the cash box having followed his path after he left here, I’m waiting to hear if they have an clear shots of his face so we can try to identify him. The insurance claim is in and I’m crossing my fingers that they will accept my claim.

Your reaction has galvanised me to carry on and look forward with renewed hope for next year and the years after that. I’ve always seen Bunyip as a family business. Not just my family (although look out for Esme’s Scrunchy Business coming soon!) but the wider Exeter and Devon community of people who just love to make.

So THANK YOU, thank you thank you for your likes, your shares, your purchases, your hugs, your veg, your shoulders to cry on, your lovely comments, your wave of messages, your bags full of orders, and your love.

Mattie xx

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Bunyip Craft, an update: week 1

It’s been a week since I sat down to share the news that Bunyip Craft was on the move. It’s been an incredible rollercoaster of a week, with tears and smiles, cake and support from all over the world and lovely, lovely comments and suggestions. I’ve had a piece on Devon Live and been on Radio Exe. I feel held together by the care, compassion and belief of so many people; friends, customers, family and people I’ve never met. Sometimes all your hard work is repaid in kindness.

The strong possibility that we’re not going to find a retail space to move into is slowly dawning, I was hoping something would instantly jump out of the bag, but it hasn’t happened so far. Please keep spreading the word for us.

Really genuinely lovely people have offered to share space with us, with so many different concepts that my business brain has been spinning. I’ve been offered workshop space, party space, a couple of bespoke jewellery range possibilities, those DIY craft pub nights are most definitely going to happen, I’m not the first person to think of the shared makers space and have some of the bigger influences of the arts community on my side.

I’ve been out and about: looking at trading estate office spaces, community spaces, searching about in Topsham, out of the way city shops, city centre offices and more. I have a list of the possible spaces, with pros and cons on each, none are exactly right, though some are very close. I’ve come to a few more realisations; I need to be in cycling distance of my kids school, the main change for us as a family, is that my husband is going to be working full time, so I need to be able to do school pick up and don’t want to get in the car everyday. If we do take on office space, while we wait for a retail opportunity to come our way, then it’s going to be much easier if it’s on the University side of town. I need to be able to store all my stock, paperwork and shopfit, so the office space can’t be tiny. I want to carry on doing parties and workshops, whether out of the office space or from some of the other spaces I’ve been offered, I’d like to be able to do ‘open days’ from any space we take so that customers can still come and see us and the stock before they buy.

I’m petrified of not having the day to day footfall and spend of customers. I really want to hold on to my wonderful staff, and will need to pay for any space we take on, so will need to carry on taking a decent sum each week. Can I do that from only my online sales?, will anyone want to take my crafty kits and jewellery wholesale? Can I have some time off before I start the next adventure, to get my head together and allow some creative freedom? It’s beginning to look like I need the cheapest yet biggest office space I can afford, which isn’t much to ask…

Meanwhile, Bunyip is still running as brilliantly as ever, the Sale has started on lots of end of lines so come in and grab them while stocks last, I will keep on adding more as time goes on. I’ll keep you updated on any further developments in the land of Bunyip Craft.

Enjoy the sunshine, we are!




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Alex’s Work Experience



Hi, I’m Alex! I’m a 18 year old girl from the North-East of Italy and I’m in Exeter to do work experience for 4 weeks (from 3th September to 1st October 2017) thanks to a school project I won.





I’m staying with a lovely host family near Pinhoe with one of the students from my school – there are 15 of us – and I’m doing a really exciting work experience at Bunyip Craft: I learnt how to make bracelets (in particular, I love the charm bracelets, they are so beautiful) and it’s fun! Bunyip Craft is a wonderful craft shop in Fore Street and I recommend you stop for few minutes in this amazing place, in fact, the first time I came in I was just surprised.



Exeter is a really nice city and there is a lot to do, for example visiting the famous Cathedral and the city centre with its countless shops or exploring all of its streets, plenty of nice restaurants and locals to relax and have a drink with your friends. I’m also visiting the towns around here, such as Topsham and Torquay, in particular this last one is a very beautiful town on the coast, you must visit this place!



I went to Torquay with my friends by train and then we walked all the way long to Babbacombe, up and down the hills with their amazing neighborhoods, shops and gardens: we thought we were in the USA because the streets and the environment were so similar to the ones we see in the American films. It took us about one hour – including lunch time – by foot from the beach to the Babbacombe Model Village: we really enjoyed this experience and the little world was super-great, I was speechless in front of that wonderful village with 13,160 mini-people!



Staying in a place like Exeter is really different from my hometown, which is near the romantic Venice. One is a big modern city (for me) and one is a small town popular for its cathedral, ‘Sanctuary of Our Lady of Miracles’.



Anyway, I’m enjoying this trip, despite the “crazy” weather, and it’s much better than I thought.

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How to: Turquoise Wire Earrings

This week’s How-To is these ridic pretty turquoise and rose gold earrings, since a) we haven’t delved into wire wrapping yet and b) I think about rose gold all day every day. It was suggested a couple of days ago that I should take off one of my many rose gold accessories, since wearing them all while typing on my rose gold macbook (oh yeah that’s right) was potentially ‘too much.’ I laugh in the face of ‘too much.’

Anyway, these are really straightforward to make once you’ve mastered the art of wire wrapping, which can be a bit fiddly to get to grips with. Luckily we sell craft wire in big rolls so you can practice lots…

You need:

2 x turquoise chunks

2 x rose gold earring hooks

6mm rose gold craft wire

Flat nose pliers, round nose pliers & wire cutters

SONY DSC<aling

My camera hates me for trying to take photos of big and small things at the same time.

First of all, pop a turquoise chunk on a 10cm piece of wire. You want it about two thirds of the way along…


Now, take the longer end of wire and wrap it all the way around your bead, a couple of times if you can. Use your fingers to push it close to the surface on the turquoise – we don’t want any unsexy gappage here.

The aim is to meet the two bits of wire at the top, like so:


Now, this is the bit that can take a bit of practice. What you want to do is wrap the long piece of wire really tightly in a lovely coil around the short piece of wire, at the point where it comes out of the bead. This photo will help explain this:


I find it helps me to really pull the wire hard outwards, as I’m rotating it around the other wire, to ensure a beaut tight coil.

Once you’ve smashed that step, use your wire cutter to trim off the messy piece of long wire that’s left. You should now have what the children in my workshops call ‘a bead on a stick/a balloon/a lollipop.’

Trim the remaining straight piece of wire down to 1cm.


Now take your round nose pliers and bend the 1cm of wire over to a nice right angle.


Gripping the wire right at the very end, roll your pliers over to make a lovely loop. Again, this might not be perfect first time, but that doesn’t matter! The great thing about wire is you can just chop it off and start again until it’s how you want it.

And that’s it! Just use your flat nose pliers to open the loop on the bottom of your earring hook up, pop the turquoise dangle on there, and close it again.


Isn’t the lighting in this photo nice? That’s because I went and stood in the street to take it, like a lunatic.

Is it important to mention that you have to do all the above stages twice to get two earrings? If you’re sitting with just one and you’re tired just pop it on a chain and have it as an extremely pretty pendant.

Happy Friday! xx

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Autumn Workshop Selection


We’ve just scheduled in our  craft classes for the next quarter (which takes us up to October…scary) and we’ve got some new additions in the mix, as well as our favourites from the summer schedule. More info on all of these below – enjoy!

Returning: Learn Embroidery with Zenbroidery


Possibly our favourite class from the last batch, Zenbroidery is essentially colouring in with thread! Come and spend 2.5 hours with Mattie, learning all sorts of lovely hand embroidery stitches and filling in your design of choice.

Click here to book

New! Jewellery Making with Beads & Chain


One of the techniques we’re loving in the shop lately is working with wire, beads and chain to make a whole host of different jewellery. The variation of pieces you can make is brilliant, and in this workshop we’ll be exploring all the options while learning the techniques you need to make wonderful necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Click here to book

New! Sew a Pin Cushion & Needle Case


We wanted to mix up our sewing courses a bit, so thought pin cushion & needle case would be a great place to start. Suitable for all ages, and perfect for beginners (pros welcome too!), we’ll be whipping up both of these sewing essentials for you to organise your stash with when you get home.

Click here to book

Returning: Make a Knotty Bracelet


Mattie confessed that this workshop is returning mainly because it’s her favourite to teach! In this class you’ll learn how to make very lovely knotty bracelets, with beads and without. It’s the kind of technique which is so much simpler when you’ve seen someone do it in real life!

Click here to book 

New! Patchwork: Make a Clutch


Our other new sewing class, in this session we’ll be learning very basic patchwork techniques and piecing fabric together to make a fold over clutch bag! I had a wonderful time making my sample for this class, and it’s a lot of fun choosing your co-ordinating fabrics and sewing it all together. Beginner’s are welcome, as always!

Click here to book

Returning: Beginner’s Sewing (Cushion Cover)


One of my favourite sewing classes, this workshop is absolutely perfect for those not used to using a sewing machine who want to get going! We’ll choose our fabric, learn about pattern cutting, threading the machine and achieving basic stitches, and end up with a beautiful cushion cover at the end of the class.

Click here to book

Returning: Beginner’s Jewellery Making


In our classic workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get you started in your jewellery making journey. Starting with necklaces and bracelets, and moving on to earrings and wirework, you’ll go home full of knowledge and with several finished pieces of jewellery.

Click here to book

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Creativity Call Out

Creativity Call Out

At Bunyip, our retail shop ethos is all about finding the most exciting, contemporary products to sell to our customers – a happy, cool and colourful bunch who we know appreciate a trend-led craft treat. This can be fairly difficult in our industry, which is so traditional sometimes that we struggle to find the products of our dreams amongst the slightly old fashioned wares.

We’re lucky enough to be able to stock the shop from lots of different suppliers, many of them big companies that allow us to buy all sorts of wonderful things and keep our prices down on all your basic craft supplies. More often than not, we find that we can find trend led products from these companies, but it really is all about picking and choosing from vast catalogs that really vary in quality, price and style. These wholesalers have provided us with some of our favourite products of this year though, from cactus pin cushions to hummingbird cross stitches to spaceship fabric – we do our best to pick out the bits we think you’ll love!

But, what we absolutely love stocking is work from independent designers and artists. We still have the fabulous kits and wrapping paper designed by Freya Hartas, one time Bunyip employee who has now moved on to Bristol.


We also have a big selection of cards from The Strawberry Card Company, designed by Sian O’Donnell, a friend of Mattie’s and firm believer in the joy of receiving post. We love Sian’s work and keep expanding our card area to fit in all our favourites (if it has a swear word in it, it’s our favourite).


Never one to turn down a good button – and we know you aren’t either – we love having these gorgeous sea glass buttons in the shop, made by Sally Villa. Each set is unique, making them perfect as a gift for a button aficionado or even to be made into jewellery. They’re so precious and delicate that I think they’d be beautiful mixed in with other natural buttons on a necklace…


As part of our handmade jewellery selection we love these pieces made by Daisy Manson, all made from off cuts from the wood her brother uses to make guitars! Some of them are even inset with gorgeous mother of pearl shapes, making super special and one off necklaces and earrings.


We love stocking these makers and their awesome products, but we’d love even more! If you know of any fabulous designs or artists selling their crafty makes then pleased put them in touch with us – we’re always keen to have a look and expand our selection so that we keep bringing you wonderful stock that makes us all pretty happy. The best ways to get in touch are on or 01392 437377, we’d love to hear about the products that have got you all excited!

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The Importance of Sequins

sequins bunyip exeter

Ever since I’ve been old enough to dress myself I’ve been old enough to not just want, but need to wear sequins and at any and all given opportunities. So imagine my pure joy to read that not just sequins, but casual sequins were going to be a hot trend for Fall 2016….pass the glitter bucket, I need to submerge myself.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 15.26.16

The love of sequins is a straightforward one – they’re sparkly and bright and attention grabbing and make you look like a walking talking disco ball. Maybe you have to wear a boring uniform to work, or your life is difficult and tedious and you’ve not been having much fun lately? Put on a sequin dress and get ready to be cured of your day to day problems, mainly through the sheer mass of compliments you’ll get from drunk girls in toilets – generally known to be the best people in the world. And if the thought of turning all heads as you Beyonce stride your way into anywhere frightens you, remember that this is yet another joy of sequins: if people are blinded by how fabulous your outfit is, they’re pretty unlikely to notice your adult acne or wonky teeth or that one of your arms is longer than the other. Sequins just give, give, give and ask only that you hoover them up off your bedroom floor on a semi regular basis.


Even better than this is that this emerging trend absolutely encourages the casual sequin, and presents itself in some awesome daytime staples: sequin jeans, sparkly bomber jackets, shiny silver sweatshirts? Yes please. Why should the sequin queens among us be restrained to nighttime activities only? Pop a sequin jacket on for your morning commute and tell me you don’t feel like a fabulous cross between Lady Gaga and and attendee of Gatsby’s mansion.

Mermaid Sequin Jeans – Topshop

And although writing about the important of sequins makes me feel a bit like Elle Woods writing about the ‘History of Polka Dots’ in Legally Blonde, I think there’s a lot to be said for finding happiness in the small things. Call me shallow or silly but wearing glitter shoes for the day would make me feel just that little bit better about life, and seeing someone on the bus with the confidence to rock a sequin bomber jacket would make me unquestionably joyous.


Put perfectly for Vogue by Julia Hobbs: “My advice? It’s time to ditch the round-the-clock wardrobe staples. Fail-safe shopping is now a shopping fail; it now pays to look like you’ve had fun in making an effort to dress up. Particularly when your dress lights up the room. Like, actually.”

The timing of this fits in perfectly with the event of the summer: Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie. What better advocate was there ever for OTT dressing than Eddie? In her sunglasses, towering platforms and ‘Lacroix’ emblazoned tops, if we ever needed a poster girl for the fancy-dressing-at-all-times movement it has to be Jennifer Saunders in this 90’s role.


This is the kind of trend that obviously makes us deeply happy in craft land because what it means to us is: embellishment. We sell beautiful sequins on their own and by the metre, so you can buy whichever colour you like, and spend an evening adorning all the boring old t-shirts you own. And why stop at sequins? There’s a massive selection of beads that would do just as wonderful a job – tiny glass rocailles to created intricate patterns with, to multicoloured crystal hexagons to stitch around a neckline. More is more with this trend – there’s no such thing as overdressed in this world.

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5 Reasons We Love The Contemporary Craft Festival

With the Contemporary Craft Festival at Bovey Tracey having finished over a week ago, we’re only just getting ourselves settled back in to normal shop life; featuring indoor trading, ant-free lunches and a notable lack of bar. In memory of another awesome year selling at our favourite show, I thought I’d put together a list of reasons why we’re still quite so obsessed with it. Enjoy!


1. People appreciate a good button

This is in no way to suggest that our regular shop customers don’t appreciate a good button, but if you were to take all the ones who REALLY appreciate a good button and put them all in one place, that place would be the Contemporary Craft Festival. We can take our fanciest, most beautiful, most special buttons and be safe in the knowledge that lots of punters will be excited about them as we are. I suggested this theory to one lady buying some of our enamelled shank yellow flower buttons (swoon), who replied “Yes! I absolutely appreciate a good button.” Case closed.

2. The level of craft wonderfulness

The foundation to why this show is so successful and so popular must be that the level of crafters showcasing their creations inside (and outside!) the marquees is so high. How exciting to walk around the tents, cooing and swooning over all these original handmade products and ideas and to discuss it with the maker face to face. This year both Mattie and I bought something awesome from the gentleman at Vinegar and Brown Paper, which made me proper giddy with excitement. There was also some beautiful work in the start up area, and we both fell for the geometric jewellery at Eleanor Jane Jewellery. I think even with an infinite budget, you couldn’t buy everything you wanted at this show….

3. The community spirit

Mattie thinks this is possibly the 8th/9th year trading over at Bovey, so every year it’s great to catch up with the familiar faces & friends. One of my favourite groups of people to catch up with the show are the guys from Pocketwatch Theatre company, this year dressed up as the Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts and Alice. They’re some of the friendliest people we get to hang out with every year, and I loved sitting round a toadstool table with them while they drank tea, having a chat with the Mad Hatter about his wooden-spool needs and seeing them under huge rainbow umbrellas when the rain hit. There’s also our lovely friends who run Felt Folk, who truly out glammed us at the private view event on the Thursday – we’ll remember to up our game in 2017!


4. The Little Touches

The whole event was rebranded as a ‘Contemporary Craft Festival’ rather than a Craft Fair a couple of years ago, and when you visit it’s easy to see why. The whole atmosphere of the event makes me feel like something quite like a festival (but much less muddy) – seeing the same people every day, eating all the delicious food (waffles were the best!), seeing people asleep in deck chairs, chatting with strangers all day, and my favourite: 4pm bar run time. Working at the festival is weirdly knackering, so we always treat ourselves to a cheeky glass of wine from the lovely bar around 4pm. It’s a hard life…

5. That’s the way to do it

I’m aware this is an entirely personal one, but for me it’s always Punch and Judy –  potentially, I think, one of the most undervalued comic performances ever. We’ve been there enough years now that we recognise the puppeteer, and I feel in a major way that he is my hero. Last year my mum bought me one of his colour-in posters, which is a very cool sentence and I have no shame about this. The baby getting made into sausages, the crocodile eating people, the devil having fights with Mr Punch? It’s utter madness and I just can’t get enough of it.

This really only covers a very small selection of reasons why this event is so fabulous, and that’s before you even get to the masses of hard work that must go into it from the organisers. If you haven’t been before, we’ll be sure to remind you about it constantly in June next year. See you then!

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Brand New! Special Seasonal Workshops

Alongside our business shake up that we talked about last time, we’ve also decided it was time to hit refresh on our workshop schedule! We want to offer classes on a seasonal basis, allowing us to teach the things we’re most excited about for the 3 months ahead. Here’s everything you need to know about our wonderful choice of 7 new workshops – click on each one individually to check out the dates and times available:

Learn Embroidery with Zenbroidery

We picked up these kits (very over excitedly, as usual) at our trade show in Birmingham.

In essence, this is ‘colouring in with thread’ – we have 6 beautiful designs printed on to plain white fabric, which you can then embellish in any way and frame up as they are or then make into something awesome. In this workshop, we’ll be adorning these with a whole host of hand embroidery stitches that you’ll learn along the way. Once you’ve given it a go, I think hand embroidery is one of the most rewarding and relaxing types of craft – just imagine having this in your home, ready to pick up and stitch into every time you need a moment of peace.

Learn to Make Earrings

Earring making is one of the most gratifying types of jewellery making – there’s huge variety in what you can make with just a few beads and the basic skill set!


Although this class will cover everything you know to make all sorts of earring designs, we’re really excited to show you how to make dangly chain & star charm earrings with one of our favourite new metal charms. We’ll cover all sorts of techniques, and get you used to working with all 3 types of jewellery plier. This workshop will be totally suitable for everyone, from beginners to professionals looking for a bit of new design inspiration.

Create and Sew with Felt

This class will give you a chance to come in a play with one of our favourite pieces of equipment: our Sizzix Big Shot.


Come and have a go with our great selection of dies (tools for cutting shapes out of felt easily) – we’ve got everything from owls to ice cream to hearts & stars. What happens next is then up to you! We’ll have all sorts of ideas and inspiration to throw at you, and all the craft equipment you need to make it happen. You could potentially make a beautiful mobile, a heart garland, a hand embellished camera shaped plushie – there’s tons of choice when it comes to felt. This class is ideal for stretching your imagination and spending a couple of hours seeing what you can come up with with this ever versatile craft material.

Make a Knotty Bracelet

We’re often being asked for hints and tips when it comes to macrame in the shop, and so this class is a great  chance to brush up on your knowledge of knotting techniques.


We’ll be teaching one of our favourite designs, a bracelet made from knotting and beads and a button clasp. There will also be the chance to learn how to make an ever useful sliding knot fastening, as seen on our knotty bracelet kits. The great thing about this workshop is that knotting is one of the trickiest things to learn without having somebody show you, so a couple of hours spent being taught it in person will do the world of good for your at home ventures!

Small Beads, Tassels & Charms: Make a Necklace and Bracelet

I really don’t think it’s any shock at this point to tell you that we love tiny tassels…it’s all I can do to avoid making every single social media post about them.


We’re allowing ourselves time to celebrate that love in this class – a session of making with pretty seed beads, awesome charms and yes: tiny tassels. YAY. You’ll go home with a necklace and a bracelet, and all the skills you need to make a million more of these to give to loved ones. Expect extreme enthusiasm and awesome jewellery creations.

Paper Piecing Patchwork

I wrote a blog post recently about my ventures into patchwork, in particular the traditional technique of paper piecing.


I enjoyed learning about it so much that we thought it seemed like a wonderful idea for a workshop – the kind of skill that can bring you hours and hours of sewing happiness. We’ll go through everything you need to know, from cutting out your shapes to hand sewing to how to piece them together, through to ideas of what to make with your piece once you’re finished with it. Imagine making a quilt made up of all your favourite, most special fabrics…dreamy.

Sew a Mini Purse

In this workshop we’ll be making a mini purse, covering all sorts of basic sewing techniques that will get you on your feet with crafting.


You’ll be able to choose from a beautiful selection of fabrics, and enjoy learning a project that’ll make a perfect gift for birthday’s & Christmas and all in between. This class will as always, be entirely suitable for sewing beginners, but will also provide enjoyment to those more experienced crafters with the urge to learn a new project!

All of these workshops are £25 per person, and we need to you book in advance with a £10 deposit so we can secure your place. If you fancy giving any of these a go, you can book via the website, over the phone on 01392 437377 or in the shop. The cost covers absolutely all of your materials, and the obviously necessary tea and biscuit based refreshments.

As well as these seasonal specials, you’ll still be able to book any of our standard classes on a bespoke basis – that includes Beginner’s Jewellery Making, Finishing Techniques, Button Jewellery, Wirework, DIY Skirt Making, Cushion Cover Sewing…amongst others! Just choose a date and time, who you want to bring with you (no one is absolutely fine too!) and give us a ring or an email to see if we can teach you at that time. Easy.