Children's Craft Supplies

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  • Sequin Owl patch

    Sale! £3.00

    Our silver/gold sequin Owl sew on patch is a top seller in the shop. The sequins sweep back and forth to show gold or silver shine.

    It is 19cm long by 18cm wide.

    Perfect for decorating your bag, tshirt, rucksack or sweatshirt.

  • Kids Felt Craft Kit


    Our Kids Felt craft kit is everything to get your kids sewing with this easy to use fabric (mainly because it’s doesn’t fray) which comes in so many colours.

    We’ll include 5 colours of felt and 2 skeins of embroidery thread along with a few needles, a small bag of stuffing, some buttons and ribbon for decorating.

    There’s loads of simple things you can make with this kit.

    My favourites are a pouch to keep your precious figures in, a heart to hang in the window, an owl to hug, a flower to clip in your hair, cubes to stuff (& throw), a needle case to keep your needles in or a purse to keep your pennies in. I’m sure you can think of lots more…

  • Fabric Glue


    Bonds fabric, paper, wood, polystyrene, foam, pottery and most other porous/ semi porous materials. The no-run formula and 2 way applicator means that the glue will go and stay where you want it!

Showing all 3 results