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  • Bells


    These little bells might just be the most cheerful things we’ve come across in a long time. And they make everything a lot more fun – especially at Christmas time.

    The bells come in lots of different sizes and colours, and are adorable no matter if you go monochrome or mix and match. String them up and hang them on your Christmas tree, add one or many to a bracelet or necklace, tie a tiny bell to the zip on a bag – the possibilities are endless. Ding ding!

  • Cog Buttons


    These cog buttons come in silver, copper and brass and you can choose from two sizes; 23mm and 15mm.

  • Self Cover Buttons

  • Silicone Beads


    These colourful silicone beads are gorgeous AND practical! Food grade and BPA free, these are completely odourless and free from toxic chemicals, lead, phthalates and any heavy metals. This means that these are perfect for nursing necklaces, and the lovely range of colour and sizes gives you plenty to choose from.

    We’ve done our best to photograph them to show their true colours but some variation may occur in real life. Happy shopping!

  • Metal Cover Button

    Metal Cover Button


    Metal cover button.

    Use these metal cover buttons to create your own fabric buttons! Ideal for matching up buttons for your clothes – I think these look perfect down the back of a dress to create that vintage look.

    Available in 6 sizes: 38mm, 29mm, 22mm, 19mm, 15mm, and 11mm.