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August Sewing Challenge… Kind of

Lets start by saying how good I’ve been at keeping up to date with my sewing challenge… Sadly last month wasn’t quite as much of a success. The theme was ‘outerwear’ and I decided on a 50s swing coat so it was never going to be made in a month anyway but I’ve made steps towards it so I thought I’d give an update.

I had a genuine meltdown trying to decide on my fabric; I knew this was going to be a special make, potentially a forever coat. I got some samples and spent a whole day moaning to anyone who would listen about my dilemma (sorry Annett!).  In the end I decided on this beautiful teal merino wool with this bright cotton lawn fabric

So where am I now? I traced the pattern onto Swedish Tracing Paper (after actually ironing my original pattern pieces) and have cut out all of my pieces which was terrifying. My next step is to book a lesson with the very talented Jamie Kemp so that I can get sewing (you didn’t think I would do this one all on my own did you?!).

So my plan is to make this one alongside my other challenges and I have actually made a start on September’s. I wanted to make more use of my overlocker which I only ever use for seams. I plan to do some research and also have a go at rolled hems which I’ll update you with as I go but I also wanted to make a garment almost entirely on the overlocker. It’s great for sewing jersey as the stitch allows some stretch still. So I decided on the TATB Joni dress (again) with this beautiful teal fabric. Although it was quite scary cutting off my seam allowance as I sewed, it was so quick and easy. I also found it was a lot quicker to sew in the clear elastic on the shoulders and waist.

So now I just need to find time to make a coat while we move our lovely shop to a new space and as the new school year has started. Easy…